The Detox Diet Plan


Posted on: 06 January 2014 by Suzannah Baker

As we all know, our body is under constant attack by the toxins found in food and drink, pollution, plastics, and medicines. This puts huge stress on the body’s internal systems, and over time makes it more and more sluggish.

Detox diet programs are available in various forms and each one has its own set of benefits, but ultimately they all aim to accomplish weight loss and get rid of body toxins.  Increased energy, glowing skin, radiant beauty and mental clarity and a slimmer body are the common results of a detox program, and many people find that at the end of a detox diet, they are so happy with their new way of living that they adopt at least some of the practices permanently even if that is simply to eat more green vegetables and cut down on alcohol. 

The basic purpose of detoxing is to eradicate harmful stored components from the body’s organs, by equipping the body to flush out dangerous toxic chemicals and restore equilibrium and proper functioning.  Modern life exposes us to an onslaught of toxins in the form of artificial processed meals, chemicals in food storage and heavy pollution.  Both scientific research and anecdotal evidence points to the efficacy of detox diets in not only reducing weight, but also hugely improving the body’s health, to feel better in the short term and for future longevity. 

Some of the detox diet plan programs start off with a juice fast, where you only drink water or juice for up to ten days. It is best to not attempt a juice fast for more than two days though, as it will leave you with a raging hunger and make you more likely to break your fast on hamburgers! A popular addition to the juice fast is the salt water flush, which is best described as a colonic irrigation that you perform from the inside out!  Juice fasts are a good way to kick off both a fast and a healthy lifestyle, not only for your body but mentally as well – they signify a the start of a new way of living, and you get a real sense of achievement even if you only manage one day.

Other detox diet programs are less drastic, involving cutting down the amount of sugar, wheat, dairy and alcohol that you consume, and increasing vegetables, fruit and sometimes, taking vitamin supplements.  This type is better for people who want a generally better way of living; to feel fitter and more energized every day. This is designed to purify and flush out toxins by changing the way you eat - not just during the fast but afterwards, in everyday life. 

Raw food detox diets allow you to eat all fruit and vegetables uncooked, which sounds hard but is surprisingly easy – for a short while.  The theory is that raw foods are much easier for your body to process and therefore supply higher levels of nutrition, and leave more energy for the body to heal itself. From my experience, the benefits are clear, radiant skin, mental clarity and massively increased energy, and less need for sleep.  If you can keep it up, it is definitely worth it!

It is always advisable to consult your doctor if you are overweight or currently have a sedentary lifestyle before starting a major diet change, just to make sure that your body can cope with the changes. While a detox diet might seem like a huge step to take, it is really the best way to massively improve your body, mind and sense of wellbeing.

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Suzannah Baker

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