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Posted on: 25 May 2017 by Sumana Dutta

Moon people came to take back the princess, to which they won. The Princess sent her father a parting gift – an immortality elixir and a special letter.

Sometimes reality is weirder than fiction, however it seems like many people will always have a preference for mystery and myth over the truth. Legend educes a sense of fascination and wonder, especially when they make reference to popular places or even people. Awesome legends surround the popular landmarks around the world, and we have gathered a list for you to discover.

The Sphinx

Featuring among the world’s largest statues, the Sphinx is carved in place from limestone. It is believed that the Sphinx was a mythological creature, which statues was built to guard important areas such as temples and tombs.

One amazing legend that revolves around the Sphinx is associated to a young prince name Thutmose. Being the favourite of his father, his siblings were extremely jealous and even plotted to murder him. Deciding to go away, Thutmose spent a lot of time in Upper Egypt and the desert. After praying to the Sphinx to take away all his problems, the creature came to life. Thutmose wanted to become a pharaoh and in return he had to restore the Sphinx.

The very essence of Egypt – the Sphinx has inspired many to create movies, songs and even games. One such website where you can find many games inspired by the Egyptian culture is Bingo Extra. By means of desktop, mobile or tablet, Egypt lovers’ can enjoy games such as The Lost Slot of Riches, Pharaoh’s Luck, Temple of Isis, Cleopatra, Tutankhamun, Sands of Fortune, Riches of Ra, The Great Pyramid and more!


Half Dome at Yosemite is a granite dome at the eastern end of the valley in California. This most familiar rock formation is actually a major challenge for hikers and rock climbers who absolutely love it. The look it has today was due to a large chunk falling off. This was caused by freezing and repetitive thawing of the rock. The origin of Half Dome is associated to the legend of Tis-sa-ack.

Legend goes that the Great Spirit turned an old Native woman and her husband in stone. This was after the woman named Tis-sa-ack drank all the water from the lake, causing a drought and all things green withered away. While she was running away from her husband in tears –after he hit her with his stick, the old woman threw her basket at him so that she could get away. It was at that point that both were changed into stone.

Mount Fiji

Mount Fuji is not only a huge landmark located in Japan, but it has become tangled with Japanese culture. The massive volcano has also been subject of many movies, myth and legends and songs. A very beautiful story lies behind Mount Fiji, that of the Moon Princess. It has been counted that a bamboo cutter found a tiny baby no bigger than his thumb inside the bamboo he was busy cutting. He decided to take her home to raise her along with his wife. Each time he cut a bamboo after that, the bamboo cutter would find a gold nugget inside.

This made them very rich. In the meantime, the bamboo cutter and his wife learned that their daughter was sent from the Moon to escape the war raging there. A battle took place when the Moon people came to take back the princess, to which they won. The Princess sent her father a parting gift – an immortality elixir and a special letter. He refused to drink it but instead ordered to burn the letter and elixir on Mount Fuji. This started the fire that couldn’t be extinguished and it is believed that this is how it became a volcano.

There are so many beautiful places around the globe, however just a few are iconic! 

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