The Most Effective Ways to make A Cold Room Warmer Instantly


Posted on: 21 February 2018 by Sudipta Pal

There are many ways to heat a cold room. Some of them need a lot of time and money

There are many ways to heat a cold room. Some of them need a lot of time and money, and others are simple and can be done very easily. Look at some clever flaps to protect yourself from cold and moisture inside the house.

Check where the cold comes from

Before you decide what to do, you need to analyze the problem first. Check the house thoroughly to see where the cold comes in. If it comes from the doors, you need to put special protectors to fill the gaps. Do the same thing for the windows and make sure that the chimney is closed if you have a fireplace.

Check the heating system you are using

For example, if you use an air conditioner and you see that it the house is not getting warmer, then it probably needs to be fixed. If there are rooms in your house that you do not use a lot during the day, then isolate them from the rest of the area. Close the doors carefully to reduce the space that you need to heat up.

Try to warm the  furniture

Add pillows to all the chairs and dress the cooler surfaces with throws and covers. In this way your house will not only look warmer but you will enjoy the warmth of those too.

Dress well You may find it very simple, but most people think he is cold while he is not really dressed or wears socks. Usually when our feet are cold they feel like we are cold.

Put heavy curtains

Heavy curtains can prevent some amount of cold from entering the house. Put heavy curtains and keep them closed when it's cold. In the spring you can change them with thinner and lighter ones.

Let the sunshine in

You should always let the sun heat the walls and windows of your house. It is going to make the house even warmer with no cost at all!

Start cooking

Apart from the fact that cooking will raise your temperature by moving instead of sitting on a sofa, it will increase the temperature of the kitchen and automatically the rest of the area - especially if you have a kitchen that is connected to the living room.

It’s all about the lighting

Candles heat a room slightly but also create a sense of warmth that is very important for a room. You can also use the lighting of your room in order to increase the temperature. A steel pendant light which is turned on in your living room can make the area warmer in a way.

Change bed sheets

You should put cotton linen and add a down duvet and go under the warmth of your bed. Another good solution is an electric blanket. It is going to warm your body instantly.

Carpets all around

 Carpets reduce the cold by 10% in a house, so it is very important to have warm carpets on large surfaces of your home. You can buy carpets in different colors so as you can separate the areas putting a different carpet on each side.

Turn off the cooker hood

The cooker hood is good to so useful to prevent the house from any scents but unfortunately it also blows the hot air out, putting the cold air inside the room. You can use it as long as you need it and turn it off after you are done with all the cooking. In this way you can reduce the chances of transforming your house into a cold place. You can also use in in low or medium level and not the highest one.

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