The resolution you're most likely to have given up on by now


Posted on: 05 February 2019 by Dennis Star

We all know that, if you made a New Year's resolution at the start of 2019, it's getting tougher to stick to it now we're into February. While people who join a gym tend to get the worst reputation, they're easily not the worst for giving up.

In fact, half the people who made a New Year’s resolution to quit smoking this year have already broken their promise and stopped trying. Meanwhile, gym-goers from January are still going strong.

According to New Year, Same You? signing up to a gym in January may carry a reputation of being one of the most short-lived promises for self-improvement but, in fact, nearly eight out of ten (77%) of those who joined one for the New Year are still regularly going. It will actually take until the middle of September for half to throw in their workout towels.

People who have been trying to cut down on alcohol have faced the second biggest challenge. Despite their well-meaning intentions, almost a quarter (23%) didn’t even make it halfway through January, and now 38% have picked up the bottle again.

Righteousness is no guarantee of perseverance either. Promising to donate more to charity throughout 2019 is the third most-quit resolution by the first week of February. Exactly one in three potential regular charity donors have now either given up on the thought or cancelled their payments.

In fact, the first two weeks of January see one in ten people give up on their New Year’s resolutions on average, despite the intention being to pursue them over the whole year.

The New Year’s resolutions that most people have quit by now are:

1. Quit smoking - 49%
2. Drink less or give up alcohol - 38%
3. Donate to charity - 33%
4. Eat more healthily - 30%
5. Improve sleep pattern - 27%

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Dennis Star

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