The Rise of the Staycation: Reasons to Holiday Locally


Posted on: 23 July 2014 by Laura Harrison

Discover the benefits of holidaying somewhere locally

Last summer was one for the record books, 2013’s figures found it to be the ninth hottest and seventh sunniest since records began and forecasters have predicted a summer that will top last year’s, with the holiday season holding out for almost 100 days and temperatures above average for June, July and August.

So with this summer looking to overtake last years’ sunny skies and scorching temperatures, more and more people are favouring the motherland over foreign shores. Holiday makers are not only guaranteed a reliable cup of tea among other home comforts but they will also be able to bag a seat watching the World Cup whether it’s in their home, or a good old British pub. According to a survey conducted by Travelodge, almost three quarters of Britons are planning to holiday at home.

Unlike travelling abroad where sorting out flights, passports and accommodation can be extremely stressful, the beauty of staycations are that it is often as simple as jumping in the car or on the train and arriving at your chosen destination. Weeks of organising are not required, language barriers do not need to be overcome and currencies won’t have to be exchanged, meaning the lead up to and holiday itself should be stress-free.

Staycations can give you the opportunity to experience something that you wouldn’t normally do and visit a part of the country previously unexplored. The British Isles are home to breath-taking landscapes, rich history and bustling metropolises.

In this myriad of superb holiday destinations there are multitudes of wonderful places to stay in the UK, from hotels and B&Bs, holiday cottages or even glamping (glamorous camping) in yurts and shepherds huts.  Naomi Tarry, owner of Best Escapes, a holiday company specialising in letting Norfolk cottages and holiday cottages across the UK, has seen an increase in interest for glamping holidays, explaining “glamping is a fantastic way to do something different, get back to nature and also be comfortable”.

For those lucky enough to own a second property, whether they are in the process of buying a cottage by the sea or one of the many park homes for sale, it is a great excuse to whisk yourself and your loved ones away for a staycation in a familiar place. Holidaying in a property that you own, but is not your primary home is a great way to unwind, you will know where everything is and what’s nearby meaning you can really dedicate all of your time to some much deserved rest and relaxation. Omar homes who offer

Staycations are not only fantastic for the nations’ stress levels, but also great for the economy and the environment. Simply cutting out a plane journey  will reduce a person’s carbon footprint significantly, the carbon emissions for just one person to take a ten hour flight is around 2.5 tonnes – to help put this into perspective, a medium car emits 2.5 tonnes of carbon in a year. So by simply driving instead of flying will considerably reduce your carbon footprint and help save the environment.

According to Travelodge, the UK’s economy is set to receive a £15bn boost from staycations with holidaymaker’s average spend more than £430. Last year British retailers reaped the benefits of people opting for holidaying at home. Shops benefitted from an increase in retail sales and the Office of National Statistics found that summer last year saw the steepest monthly rise in sales for the past two and half years and according to B&Q, the sales of garden furniture, fans and air conditioning units saw a 300% increase compared with previous years. 

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