The Top 5 Tips: Beaches in the South of Gran Canaria - Which one suits you?


Posted on: 23 October 2018 by Daniel Grassmann

We have put together a small overview of some completely different beaches of the south of Gran Canaria. By reading this article you will find out what they offer, so that you can choose the beach that suits your expectations best.

A few of these beaches are real insider tips that only a few Gran Canaria tourists know about

There are plenty of things to do in Gran Canaria but when you spend your holiday on an island you will certainly want to enjoy some time on the beach! When it comes to beach there can be many different preferences. Some people like lively beaches with a lot of buzz, where they can meet new people and, above all, do not have to do without amenities such as shops, restaurants and bars in the immediate vicinity. Others just love quiet, hidden and natural bays, where there is absolute peace and with a little luck you can even have the whole beach to yourself. And others again value a chic ambience instead with nice surroundings.

1. Lively Beach - Beach of Playa del Inglés

On this beach you are in the middle of everything! The beach is lined with sun beds and umbrellas for rent. The sun beds lie close to each other, which gives ample opportunities to easily socialize. In the adjoining Anexo Shopping Center you will find numerous shops selling all kinds of holiday articles and a wide selection of restaurants and bars. It is the largest sandy beach of Gran Canaria and invites to long walks up to the famous sand dunes of Maspalomas. The beach also offers various nudist sections.

Other tourist beaches are: San Agustin, Maspalomas, Arguineguin, Puerto Rico and Puerto de Mogan

2. Natural Bay - Beach Montaña Arena

This is an insider tip. It is a natural beach with nudist section and is mostly used by locals. Consequently this beach is populated mainly in the summer month. If you want it to be quiet, you should avoid this beach especially on the weekends throughout the summer. During the winter months, it is quite lonely here though. Who wants to spend the day here, should pack appropriate supplies, because there are no shopping possibilities anywhere near. The beach can be reached via the old coastal road GC500. It is located between Pasito Blanco and Arguineguin. In order to relax here, however, one must take on a slightly longer walk first. Bathing is not recommendable when the waves are high, as there are strong currents leading in the open sea. This beach is not guarded by lifeguards and there are no sun beds or umbrellas for rent.

3. Natural Bay and our 2nd insider tip: Tiritaña Beach

Driving along the coastal road GC500 towards Puerto de Mogan, you will see the sign “Tiritaña” just before reaching the small village Taurito. You have to leave the car at the parking bay on the roadside and walk down-hill to the beach. Again, in summer you will have to share the beach with the locals, and in the winter you will most likely be on this beach on your own. Since there are no supermarkets in the immediate vicinity, you should take provisions. There are no sun beds and umbrellas either. Do not lie too close to the rock face because of possible rock falls. Mud is formed in the caves around the beach. The locals say it has healing properties and is excellent for the skin. There are no lifeguards here.

4. Chic Beach - Anfi Beach

This is a tourist beach of a special kind: turquoise blue water, white caribbean sand, lined with palm trees, amidst lush gardens overlooking a sports harbor. This beautiful beach is located in the luxury resort Anfi del Mar, but is publicly accessible. The entire outdoor area around the beach is open to visitors from outside: it boosts an exclusive shopping center with trendy fashion boutiques, numerous restaurants, cozy cafes and a supermarket. You can rent sun beds and umbrellas for the day at this beach and at the Maroa Beach Club located on the heart shaped island enjoying their services in a distinguished atmosphere.

5. Chic Beach - Amadores

This lovely beach is also located on the coastal road GC500. Just after the holiday resort Puerto Rico.  From Puerto Rico you can also reach this very well maintained beach with white sand walking down a lovely panorama walkway. At the beach promenade you will find a large selection of restaurants and bars, with terraces right on the beach. Of course there is a lot going on. However, the beach is quite stylish. Sun loungers and umbrellas can be rented. If you prefer a pool, you can also spend the day at the stylish Amadores Beach Club next to the beach with a great bar and restaurant service.

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Kassandra Pelaez Pelaez posted 03 January 2021

Thanks for sharing 


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