The two faces of Fili Prosecco


Posted on: 03 March 2016 by Kevin O'Rourke

Fili prosecco is a much loved sparkling wine in the UK but many people get confused between the two different styles. This article should help and explain a little more

Fili Prosecco is made in the Veneto region of Italy by Sacchetto Vini. It has become a firm favourite in the UK restaurant scene as not only is it a reasonable priced Prosecco but it also looks great. The unique bottle was commisssioned specifically for the grower Filiberto Sacchetto to appeal to a young audience but it has gained appeal for all age groups.

Prosecco is made with the Glera grape and always has to come from the Veneto area of Italy. There are different grades of Prosecco and this sometimes causes confusion. Fili Prosecco has tried to ease this confusion by using different coloured fonts on its bottle as  you can see from the picture but people still talk about it as simply Fili Prosecco. 

Fili Prosecco Extra Dry

The Extra Dry Prosecco isn't actually dry and this is one of the biggest issues. Extra dry actually means more sugar is added and this is called dosage. This extra sugar makes the wine slightly sweeter and the fruit complex from the wine makes people think it's actually sweeter than it really is. 

The Brut Prosecco is different as this is actually the dryer option and almost all the natural sugar has turned to alcohol. This means the wine is still very fruity but it is dryer than the previous one.

They are both attractively packaged and would make a marvellous gift for anyone who loves sparkling wines or even as a special treat for yourself. The flavours of this sparkling wine is of a typical strong apple and grapefruit scents with wisteria and elderberry hints. It has good structure, a pleasant mouth-feel and it is very well balanced. 

Fili Prosecco Brut

Prosecco is ideally best served as an aperatif but it is also delightful with many fish dishes and as a cheaper celebration drink and has now overtaken Champagne as the sparkling wine of choice for weddings and parties.

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