Things to consider when buying a retirement property


Posted on: 26 May 2018 by Amy Smith Brown

When it becomes time to downsize and look at your options for a retirement property, there are a few points you should consider to help with your search to find your perfect new home.

The first thing to think about is ensuring you will still have enough space for all of the things you will want to bring with you. While downsizing from a larger property to a smaller place does give you the opportunity to get rid of your clutter and sell off a few valuable possessions that you really are not very attached to, you will still need to make room for quite a lot of things that you decide you cannot part with.

Also on your agenda will be considering your future years and looking at properties with good level access should you need to factor in any changes in your health or mobility. A top floor apartment that gives you fantastic scenic views may not be such a good idea if you will need to negotiate three flights of stairs to get to your front door.


What about a place with a garden? You may already have a life-long passion for gardening and growing your own, but will you be able to manage a large garden in 20 years time? Alternatively, if you are moving from a city home without a garden, then this could be your opportunity to develop a vegetable patch or take up growing orchids. is a great place to look for retirement properties with manageable gardens. We also understand that not everyone is green-fingered, so you can also browse for flats and new homes without large gardens.

If golf is your passion, then choosing somewhere close to a golf course may be on your agenda. What about accessing local shops by foot? While a secluded countryside home may be appealing, you must consider the practicalities of life and being able to get into town to go shopping with ease.

Easy maintenance

Looking after a large family home in later years can really take it's toll, both financially and on your time and energy. You may be spending so much time on repairs and maintenance that the idea of living in a brand-new flat where everything is complete and in working order can be very appealing. However, if you enjoy a bit of DIY, the novelty of having a maintenance-free home can quickly wear off. In this case, would you like to have a place that can accommodate a garden shed or a large garage that will allow you to tinker away to your heart's content.

Family matters can also be considered here. Choosing a retirement property that is closer to your children or grandchildren can give you the opportunity to see them more often and to offer a hand with looking after your grandchildren. Quite often your family may have moved away for work, so this gives you a chance to get closer to your family. It would also be reassuring to have your family close by for when you may need their help and support in your later years.

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