Tips for buying an outdoor watch


Posted on: 08 May 2019 by Martin Guptill

Before even reading the technical specifications of the product and discovering its functions

You're thinking of buying an outdoor watch like longines legend driver, but you don't know which model to choose and you're looking for buying tips. In fact the choice has become complex, because over the years various models have been presented and today the buyer is having to compare many before he can find the one that best suits his personal needs. In this guide we see some tips that can be useful to those who are working hard to find a perfect watch. I will focus in particular on the features that an outdoor watch should have, to meet the needs of those who love trekking.

Evaluate the design of the model

Before even reading the technical specifications of the product and discovering its functions, it is good to evaluate the design of the model you are thinking of buying. When evaluating design, ask yourself a question: on what occasions do you want to use the outdoor watch? If your intention is to wear the device only when hiking, then you can also opt for a model with a more basic design. Instead, it is advisable to choose an elegant design if your desire is to buy an outdoor watch that can always be worn, even when you are not training.

Is it possible to trace the route?

This is the second question that needs to be asked. When you train outside and go trekking, it can be very useful to trace the route. Many models are able to do this, but they need the GPS sensor to perform this function. It is therefore advisable to buy a smartwatch that has an integrated GPS, or to buy a model that uses the shared GPS. In the latter case, the smartwatch can show the exact location and can track the route only if it is connected to the mobile phone, because once connected, the smartphone's GPS will be used. Trekking lovers know that knowing the location is a great help when you go hiking. Tracing the path is not just a curiosity, but a real indispensable function that the watch must guarantee.

Can heart rate be measured?

To have complete data on your training session, it is preferable to check that the outdoor clock you are about to buy is able to measure your heart rate. Also in this case a distinction can be made between models with integrated sensor and models with band. The first are cardio pulse rate meters, while the latter are classified as cardio frequency meters with chest strap. The choice depends on your needs: usually the heart rate monitor with band is purchased if you want to measure the frequency only in training, while the wrist model can be used to learn about the heart's activity throughout the day.

Altimeter, barometer and compass: indispensable for outdoor!

Those who practice hiking should check that there are some indispensable sensors in the model they are considering buying. Before buying an outdoor watch, make sure it has an altimeter, a barometer and a compass. If you can do even less with your heart rate - in case you want to reduce the budget to spend - you can't do without these three sensors, which provide essential information for outdoor training.

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