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Posted on: 15 January 2019 by George Faulkner

In this era of hustle and bustle, it is becoming quite difficult to make ends meet. All the utilities of life are getting difficult to attain.

Like all the other necessities, education is becoming expensive with every passing day and it is becoming quite hard for students to rely on their parents especially to acquire higher education. Many students have attained part-time jobs to pay for college and they work in the time they are not attending school.

This type of lifestyle is extremely difficult to manage and students face difficulty in managing their time and keeping a balance between work and school. They need assistance to complete their tasks, assignment help and meeting deadlines.

Here we are discussing few tips that would help the students with a job to manage their time efficiently.

Plan ahead

Plan out every week before it starts. Planning is the foremost step, to begin any task at hand. Ensure that the plan is a hard copy and at a place which is visible at all times. Do not make a plan that is difficult to execute. Keep it in accordance with your personality and mood.

Avail the flexible hours at work or school

It is best to make the most of flexibility of time available at school or office. Some of the schools offer evening classes and online classes. Avail all the opportunities you get to make the process as smooth as possible.

Work smart

Study in small intervals instead of long lapses, record the lectures for reference while you are studying, utilize your on the go time such as subways, buses etc. try to finish your homework in your spare time, seek assignment help from online platforms that can assist you to finish them on time.

Do not stress

Getting stressed out will not help you at any stage. Manage your stress levels by activities that suit you. Stay physically active, inculcate exercise in your daily routine, keep some time to meet friends and family at least once a week. Remember you can only perform best both at the office and at school when you will be able to enjoy your life and minimize stress.

Be aware of the burn out signs

Be cautious of any signs of burning out. If you witness a decline in studies, lose interest in your job, rely on caffeine or any other drug, so take immediate action. Seek medical help, give yourself a break and rejuvenate.

Avoid procrastination

Procrastinating can be a termite for your progress. Avoid it at any cost. Follow the plan you have laid out and do not allow yourself to ignore any task that has to be done. Learn to organise yourself and be vigilant.

Avoid distractions

We live in the internet era and as it is immensely helpful in researches and references, it can be a major distraction too. We waste a lot of time on social media without even realizing it. Try not to be intimated and assign a separate time for internet browsing and social media. Make sure that none of your tasks is affected by your time spent on social platforms as it will eventually increase your stress level and hinder your performance.

Take good care of your health

Nothing can be achieved if your health is not up to the mark. Maintain a healthy diet and eating routine. Ensure that you take enough nutrients to keep you active and refreshed. Many meal plans are now available online, research and set one that includes all the basic nutrition divided among all your meal portions. Avoid junk food as much as possible as those will only make you feel bloated and heavy. 


It is not an easy task to keep work, school balance in this era and most students have part-time jobs to make the ends meet. It becomes quite hard to manage time and with these tips, you will be able to accommodate most of your task with and stress-free and healthy living.

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Madison Jennings posted 06 February 2019

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Justin stoke posted 14 March 2019

It is best to make the most of flexibility of time available at school or office. Some of the schools offer evening classes and online classes. Avail all the opportunities you get to make the process as smooth as possible. VMCE-A1 exam dumps


Inuriel Manricko posted 21 March 2019

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Jeorge Waters posted 02 April 2019

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