Tips to Choose Phones for Seniors


Posted on: 25 February 2020 by James M Robinson

In the current day and age, we all need mobile phones, even our elderly.

However, seniors have unique needs that should be taken into account when it comes to the use of mobile phones, for example, bad vision, poor hearing, and a strong dislike of sophisticated technology. An ideal mobile phone for the elderly should be easy to use and unsophisticated. Besides, finding a suitable phone shouldn't be a difficult task. The demand for smartphones is ever-increasing and it is further elevated by an aging generation. What's more, the majority of brands currently offer suitable phones for the elderly.

Large Screen Size Matters

The size of the phone screen is the most important factor to consider. Go for a screen size ranging from 5.5 inches to 6 inches if your budget allows it. Despite the big size, the phone should be easy to hold and carry around. Choosing the latest flagship models can cost you a hefty buck, which is why it is wise to consider a model that is one or two generations behind the most recent one. You will still get a phone with a large screen size but at a cheaper cost. A great option for seniors can be the iPhone 6 model or even the iPhone 7 model as they both have sizable screens and their features are easily accessible. The current price tags on these phones are significantly lower that the latest models, which makes them almost universally affordable. If you want an even cheaper option, Android models are your go-to phones. They are a great alternative but you just have to ensure that the screen is big enough.

Which are the most suitable operating system for seniors?

The elderly should actually choose iOS or Android phones considering how easy they are to use and how accessible they are. See Apple iPhone deals. The operating systems used are unsophisticated to learn and troubleshooting is much simpler than the less known unbranded phones. The elderly require a more easier to use operating system than the younger generation. Going for complex systems defeats the whole purpose of getting the phone, keep in mind that seniors are the most resistant to change and have serious problems learning how to use technology. Both Android and iOS mobile phones offer amazing accessibility features which include dictating texts, reading whatever is on the screen and many other special and handy features that the seniors will be glad to have.

Which phone features will seniors love the most?

Apart from the screen size and operating system, consider other basic features that will be of most benefit to the use. For example, where the speaker is positioned and if it is well aligned with the ear. Does the speaker have enough volume? Remember that the elderly often have bad hearing, hence, the speaker volume needs to be loud enough. Also consider whether the phone is compatible with hearing aids since many seniors make use of them. Also, does the phone have HD capabilities to enhance the sound quality when on a call? It is also essential to have large buttons. Various phone models have a setting for modifying the size of the fonts i.e. the font can be enlarged to make it easier for the elderly to view the letters on the screen as they type. Adjust the screen resolution to enhance the quality of visuals and make the characters brighter for the seniors to read more easily. Most importantly, an ideal mobile phone for the elderly should provide peace of mind and have ease of use. Other handy features include a camera and a torch. The setup guide should be easy to follow and understand. Of course, the price will matter, however, older models will perform just as well as the newer versions, hence, cost shouldn't be a limiting factor.

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