Top 10 PowerPoint Tips And Tricks That You Should Know:


Posted on: 21 March 2019 by Dawn Richard

Here you have 10 of the best tricks to use PowerPoint as a real expert and probably nobody has told you. These tips and ideas will allow you to improve the design of your presentations, work faster with PowerPoint, share your presentations easily and present more effectively.

With millions of users around the world. PowerPoint is the official application most used by companies for the creation and distribution of presentations at meetings, courses, and events. Knowing how to make a good PowerPoint is a skill that will serve you practically in any business.
Regardless of whether you like it more or less, or if there are better applications, I think PowerPoint is a super-powerful tool that is totally underutilized. Many of the criticisms have been caused by misuse and abuse that has been made of it in presentations and meetings. With this mini guide for PowerPoint in the form of practical advice, I hope I can help you get to know it better and get the most out of it.
1. How to combine shapes in PowerPoint:
If you want a circle shaped picture, you may prefer Photoshop. It can be frustrating to learn photoshop tricks to obatain circle shape. Instead, you should learn how to crop image in circle shape in paint.You can combine different shapes of pictures or objects in Powerpoint.
The function combining forms is another of the most powerful tools offered by PowerPoint to work with objects and yet it is also one of the most unknown functions. The combine shapes utility allows you to merge, combine, fragment, intersect or subtract objects from each other.
How To Do it: To use this tool, select the two objects you want to merge and go to the Format menu > Combine shapes and select the action you want to perform.
2. How to add audio through different slides in a PowerPoint presentation:
You can make audio extend through all the slides of the presentation. This is useful if you want to make a montage with photos, for example, and want a piece of background music to play.
It is also very useful to add a narrative that explains the content of the presentation. You can write the text of the presentation, that is, what the presenter would say and convert it into a .mp3 audio file then you only have to adjust the duration of each slide so that it automatically jumps to the next one when it corresponds according to the narration.
How To Do It: To use this function, click on the tab Play > Play in the background. There you can select the MP3 audio file of your computer that you want to play during the presentation.
3. How to recover an unsaved PowerPoint:
This is perhaps the shortest advice but probably the most useful. There is nothing more frustrating than working an entire afternoon in a presentation and that for an accident, for example, due to an unexpected restart, or due to carelessness, you have not saved your PowerPoint. However, all is not lost. You can recover a PowerPoint file even if you have not saved it manually.
How To Do it: Go to the tab File > Open and in the lower part you will see the button Recover unsaved presentations. A dialog will appear where you will see (if there are any) and you can select to open the files corresponding to unsaved presentations
4. How to create and use keyboard shortcuts in the auto-corrector:
Another element that will help you save time if you work a lot with PowerPoint are the keyboard shortcuts you can configure in the autocorrect tool. For example, if in a presentation I am going to have to write often the word "Training of trainers" I could configure the shortcut "-off" so that each time you type "-fdf" the auto-corrector substitutes "Training of trainers". 
I recommend you use some kind of special sign or character to start your keyboard shortcuts and prevent the application from replacing normal text.
How To Do it: To add your own words or phrases, click on the tab Review > Language > Language preferences > Review > Autocorrect options. In the AutoCorrect tab, you can add the keyboard shortcut as well as the word you want to appear.
5. How to import several images at once into PowerPoint, each on a slide:
If for example, you want to make a photo slideshow, this function will be useful for importing the images in the presentation. With the Photo Album option, PowerPoint will automatically create a slide for each of the imported images.
How To Do it: To use this tool, click Insert > Images > New Photo Album. Select the images and press the Insert button.
6. Share a PowerPoint in PDF:
If you do not need the recipient to edit the presentation and you want to make sure that you see your document exactly with the same design you used (colors, typography, alignment of objects, etc.) my recommendation is that you export the presentation as a PDF file.
How To Do it: First click File > Export > Create PDF document. You can choose with Standard or Minimum size. You can also save a PDF presentation from File > Save as and choose the PDF format as Type.
7. How to convert your PowerPoint presentation to the video:
Did you know that you can also export your PowerPoint presentation to video? This can be useful if you have a corporate website where you can publish or if you have a YouTube channel, and you want to share content with your clients, taking advantage of presentations or materials, in which you have worked. You could also use these videos as video tutorials to create webinars or offer them as additional content in a learning program.
How To Do it: To export a presentation to video, select the tab File > Export > Create video. In PowerPoint 2016 you can also do it from the Record tab > Export to video
8. How to insert YouTube or Vimeo videos in PowerPoint:
If I have to make a presentation with a video from YouTube or Vimeo, I do not like to depend on whether or not there is a good Internet connection available in the room where the meeting or training course is to be held. Therefore, I always download them first and embed them in the presentation.
How To Do it: Once you have the files downloaded to your computer, usually in .mp4 format, you can insert the video in PowerPoint through the menu Insert > Video > File Film. In the dialog box select the video you have downloaded or want to insert.
9. How to zoom in on a slide during the presentation:
Although in your presentation there should not be any slide with elements so small that they are not recognized by the naked eye, PowerPoint allows you to zoom in on any part of the slide that you are presenting at that moment. This can be useful if you have to explain an organization chart, a schema or present the steps of a complex process.
How To Do it: During the presentation, you will see the icon of a magnifying glass at the bottom left. By clicking on it, you can make and move the zoom on the graphics or diagrams of the slide.
10. How to remove the background from the images:
You can make background transparent in PowerPoint so that they are better integrated into the slides. For example, if you have an image with a logo, you can remove the color of the background so that the color of the bottom of the slide can be seen, offering a more professional look.
This can also be useful if you want to add elements to a photograph to compose a new scene or convey a different idea.
How To Do it: To remove the background of an image, select it and go to Format > Adjust > Remove background.
All the 10 important tips and tricks of PowerPoint are given in this article with the help of these PowerPoint tips and tricks you can easily do your any work related to the PowerPoint. All these Tips and Tricks are very important for every PowerPoint user, so you should know about all these tips and tricks.

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Joe Clark posted 21 August 2019

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Benjamin Pickworth posted 12 November 2019

yeah, it`s really cool tips! 


Jonh Gaarg posted 19 January 2020

thanks a lot !


Jung Kang posted 19 January 2020

Guys, need your advice! I inserted a video clip into my presentation, but there is no sound in it, usually, there is no problem. Could it be related to the drivers? Recently  I updated everything with driver updater software Everything else is ok, work good,  but with the Powerpoint still have problem


Royce Blow posted 13 March 2020

Thanks for your detailed review, very helpful article.


John Fisher posted 13 March 2020

Nowadays no one school subject does without tasks about making presentations. The same for work: it's necessary to have skills of working in PowerPoint. Thank you for this article, everything is clear. By the way, I use video downloader vimeo. I don't like to rely on Internet connection in the room for a conference.

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