Top 16 Most Expensive Essential Oils


Posted on: 02 April 2019 by Dina Indelicato

We love exploring different essential oils, and what they can do. There are some oils that are so rare and precious that they come with a price tag that matches it.


As if it wasn't obvious, we love exploring different essential oils, and what they can do. oils are truly natural wonders that can have a near miraculous impact on so many areas of our lives. Over the years we have run across dozens of oils, and studied what they can do. usually, it's the benefits of an oil that grabs our attention. Every so often, something else takes our breath away, the price!

There are some oils that are so rare and precious that they come with a price tag that matches it. Just like rare gemstones or the elusive white truffle, the combination of scarcity in demand drives the prices of these oils quite high. Let's take a look of 16 of these oils, their benefits, and whether they are worth the cost.

  1. St. John's Wort essential oil

You may already have St. John’s Wort in your medicine cabinet in pill or capsule form. It came into popularity about two decades ago. Many people still use it for depression and anxiety. In aromatherapy, it is also used for these purposes. However, this is not the most common use. Instead, it is used for skin injuries and ailments. This includes minor burns, varicose veins, and bruises. St. John’s Wort Essential oil costs around 110 dollars per ounce.

  1. Roman chamomile oil

The beautiful chamomile flower very closely resembles a daisy. In addition to being an attractive plant, this flower also contains a very useful essential oil. Roman chamomile is coveted among aromatherapists and fans of essential oils.

The particular flower used to produce roman chamomile oil only grows in very specific areas. This leads to high demand and low supply. You can expect to pay just under 30 dollars for around an 1/8th of an ounce.

What does this oil do? First, it produces a very relaxing effect. It also smells absolutely wonderful. Finally, this oil is good for the skin.

  1. Helichrysum Oil

The price of this oil is a stunning 186 dollars per ounce. That is pretty pricey. This is another oil that does amazing things for the skin. It can be used in the event of surgery or injury to prevent bruising, swelling, or inflammation. Many people claim that it helps prevent and minimize scarring and stretch marks.

  1. Jasmine absolute essential oil

It’s not easy to extract oil from the Jasmine flower. They are also very rare. It takes a lot of work and a lot of flowers to get any useful amount of oil. As you may expect, that makes this essential oil quite expensive. In fact, you can expect to pay around $400 dollars for a single ounce of this stuff.

So, what is the appeal? Jasmine has been a highly sought after fragrance for centuries. Many people also believe it is an aphrodisiac. Today, one of the most popular uses of this essential oil is a bit more cerebral. Fans of this essential oil believe it can improve one’s memory significantly.

  1. Lemon balm essential oil

You may see lemon balm marketed as Melissa Essential oil. Like jasmine, it is very difficult to extract oil from lemon balm, and the yield is quite low. Since it’s so labor intensive, the cost is quite high. It goes for more than 500 dollars per ounce in most cases.

Melissa oil is used in fragrances. Lemon balm has also been proven effective in treating herpes simplex. People have long used this substance as a natural insect repellent. Others claim it has a noticeable calming effect.

  1. Indian Sandalwood oil

If you decide to purchase sandalwood oil, you can expect to pay around 430 dollars for an ounce. This price is largely due to restrictions that regulators have put into place regarding the harvesting of sandalwood trees in India. If you decide to purchase sandalwood oil, proceed with caution. Most of the oils sold comes from sandalwood trees grown in Australia. The quality is simply not the same.

Sandalwood is extremely popular in fragrances intended for both men and women. It is a bit woody as one might expect. This oil is also quite commonly used in rituals across several religions.

  1. Seaweed absolute essential oil

You will pay close to 60 dollars for just two grams of this very rare essential oil. Although many wouldn’t consider the scent of seaweed to be very appealing, briny and herbaceous scents that are reminiscent of the ocean are actually quite popular. However, the powerful scent and cost means that this oil is usually used quite sparingly.

Seaweed oil is also used in high end and custom-made skin care products. Many believe that it has a calming effect on very angry skin.

  1. Agarwood Oil

Agarwood oil is usually sold and discussed under it’s more common name of Oud. It is widely believed to be the most expensive oil there is. Agarwood oil comes from the agarwood tree. It is largely grown in Asia, but has recently been introduced in New Zealand. The hope is that production will increase.

Extracting Agarwood oil is quite interesting. For one thing, the oil is only useful once a very specific fungus has infected the tree. Add to this the fact that the extraction process is complicated and expensive, and the trees must be at full maturity before the oil coin be used, and it is easy to see why this is largely viewed as the world’s most expensive essential oils. It is no wonder that this substance is like gold to oil selling freelancers. Agarwood is sweet smelling and luxurious.

  1. Frangipani Flower Oil

You will pay more than 50 dollars for a scant milliliter of frangipani flower oil. Many people describe the scent as very sweet. The high cost of this oil is due to the rareness of the frangipani flower. This botanical only grows in the Comoros Islands which are located in France.

Frangipani flower oil is frequently used in fragrances. Many people also use it for inflammation and to help ease stress. This oil has a very unique texture. It is thick, almost waxy. Most users apply a low amount of heat in order to loosen the oil up a bit before they use it.

  1. Bulgarian rose oil

This oil goes for around 700 dollars per ounce. Bulgarian rose oil is an incredibly popular oil, but the difficulty of extracting the oils. It takes 4 tons of rose petals just to extract a single pound of oil. Fortunately for fans of Bulgarian rose oil the scent of this pricy substance is extraordinarily intense. This means that only a drop or two can be used to add fragrance to lotions and other products.

Fans of Bulgarian rose oil do need to be cautious though. There are imposters. It’s important to ensure that any oil sold as Bulgarian rose oil is actually from flowers grown in Bulgaria. There are oils being sold as ‘Bulgarian’ that are actually from China. Look for the name Rosa Damascena!

  1. Cannabis flower oil

Currently, cannabis flower oil is expensive due to the large number of regulations that impact the growth, processing, sale, and manufacturing of the cannabis plant. It’s also important to note that this refers only to cannabis flower oil. This is extracted from the flower only. It has been used as a fragrance and a food additive. Some people have even reported an improvement in stress levels, issues with feminine hormones, as well as skin problems when they’ve diffused cannabis flower only.

This oil should not be confused with its two cousins. THC oil is extracted from seeds, and significantly less expensive. Then there’s CBD oil which has many amazing properties in its own right, but is extracted from the stems of the cannabis plant. Finally, there’s no getting high from cannabis flower oil. It simply doesn’t contain any THC which is the substance that has the mind-altering impact.

  1. Champaca Absolute Oil

Champaca costs users around 2256 dollars per ounce. That’s a pretty hefty price. Fortunately, most people opt to buy it in single ml containers. If you’re interested in the oil’s healing properties, people have been using it to treat depression, vertigo, headaches, and decreased libido. It’s also very popular as a fragrance. It has a very unique scent that can’t really be compared to anything else.

  1. Neroli Essential Oil

At 350 dollars an ounce, Neroli isn’t the most expensive oil.  However, it is certainly up there. Neroli is an extract of the orange blossom flower. It was popularized by Princess Nerola, a member of Italian royalty from the late 17th century. Today, it is widely popular among perfumers. It blends very well with a variety of other scents.

Some people swear by this oil for treating nervousness and poor circulations. There are even rumors that Neroli is one of the secret ingredients in coca cola. Of course, this is largely unsubstantiated.

  1. Tuberose Essential Oil

Tuberose is more than 1600 dollars for a single ounce. The sweet smelling oil that is extracted from the tuberose flower is used in aromatherapy and in fragrances. Some even say that it works as a powerful aphrodisiac.

  1. Elecampane Oil

At around 560 dollars an ounce, elecampane falls on the slightly less expensive side of this list. Still, it’s noticeably pricy. Consumers use this oil for respiratory and digestive issues. Elecampane is also a key ingredient in the storied and intriguing liquer, absinthe.

  1. Vanilla Absolute

Finally, there’s vanilla absolute. The price of this oil has gone up and down over the years. Up until 2005, there was a shortage of vanilla that drove up the cost of this oil. Then, growers increased production so much that the price of the product absolutely plummeted. In reaction to this, the same farmers burned their crops en masse. This led to lower supplies, and increased prices. In addition to this, Madagascar, the country that is the largest producer of vanilla is in fairly constant political strife. This unpredictability also leads to high prices.

Vanilla oil is largely used as a fragrance additive. It’s properties are simply too volatile for aromatherapy applications.

Final Thoughts

There are so many things that can impact the prices of essential oils. Scarcity, a difficult extraction process, even politics can play a part. Thankfully, when it comes to these oils, a little usually goes a long way. This means you can partake in some of the most expensive extracts.



Dina Indelicato is a blogger enthusiast and freelance writer. She is always open to research about new topics and gain new experiences to share with her readers. Currently she is a writer for Pick Writers  You can find her on Twitter @DinaIndelicato and LinkedIn.

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