Top 5 best UK cities to retire to


Posted on: 18 December 2013 by Ian Andrews

A quick look at some of the best UK cities

The UK is a great place to live no matter what age you are - but for those of us looking to to retire to a new location it offers some truly fantastic retirement opportunities - so long as you don't mind the cool winters. It has to be said - if the big priority is year-long warmth and sunshine, then the UK just ain't the place.

What we do have in this group of countries though is a great supply of beautiful towns and cities - many of which make the perfect place to retire - which is what the following list is comprised of. Since it's such a subjective call, though, the following aren't in any order of preference - and of course there are many towns and cities outside this list that are equally great. So if you want to add to the list - please list you rnominations in the comments!

Without further ado...

Chester - definitely in the top 10 of the UK's most beautiful towns, Chester is also very well located. You're about an hour away from the bustle and excitement of Manchester, and less than an hour from the same in Liverpool, and then you also have the beautiful Welsh coast accessible in around half an hour. 

Edinburgh - a visit to Edinburgh is enough to make many fall in love permananently with the Scotttish capital. And indeed, stories abound of those who visited for the Festival - and never left! The Royal Mile and Grassmarket are historic and picture postcard perfect in a strikingly historical way - but also very real and lived in. Edinburgh also has vast pockets of quiet good quality living in superbly maintained urbam areas around the New Town, Stockbridge and Bruntsfield. City living at its best.

Ramsgate - many of us dream of a pleasant life by the seaside. Must be something in our evolution that makes us want to live near the sea. And while the south coast offers a great many places to consider, Ramsgate deserves a mention here for its attractive Royal Harbour, rich history and of course its proximity to Europe, making it an ideal base for those wanting to make regular trips to France and the Benelux countries.

Inverness - the scottish highlands have a unique attraction. The scenery, the clean air, the quality of life. And in Invernesss we have not only a de facto caoital of the Highlands but an ideal place to retire, with great amenities nearby but amazing countryside beyond.

Truro - Cornwall has a magic all of its own - and Truro very much retains its Cornishness as well is its own unique individuality as a town. While many place these days seem almost interchangeable, Truro remains very much an outstanding cultural centre while also being, of course in  beautiful location in one of the UK's far western reaches. And being this far south means - hopefully - a warmer summer 


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