Top 6 Freelance Jobs for Retired Professionals


Posted on: 07 October 2018 by Maria Andreas

Our doctors encourage us to remain active even after retirement.

We can keep our minds active and balanced by engaging in some simple yet lucrative freelance jobs in the absence of other options. Retirement age is also a period when many people find time to discover and explore a passion they have been considering.

The freelancing world is very interesting. The widespread use of technology has contributed to this thriving industry. The affordable services have also attracted businesses that discover it is cost effective to hire freelancers than full-time staff.

The following freelancing ideas should be considered by retired professionals.

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing has to be one of the most popular freelancing jobs in the world today. There is always a demand for written content. It is also creative, interesting and competitive. Some examples of areas you can find engagement as a freelance writer include writing articles, press releases, books, stories, and academic content to teach people.

If you have this skill, you can be employed to work remotely as an editor, copywriter, or blog writer. Many experienced writers have also successfully started a business training aspiring writers to improve their creativity. The best part about this freelancing job is you can work from the comfort of your home.

There are so many freelance writing websites that pay a reasonable amount of money. Check essay writing websites like in order to know if you could offer services like that.

Sales and Marketing Manager

If you spent most of your active years working as a sales manager, you could find freelance jobs as a sales and marketing manager for new and older companies. This position is especially suitable for people who have useful digital marketing skills and social media management proficiencies. It is also a competitive field so you can leverage your experience to get lucrative jobs.

Freelance Project Manager

There is always a demand for experienced project managers. After investing so much, it is only normal for companies to ensure the project is successful under the supervision of competent project managers.

The good part of having these skills is that you can get remote jobs from all parts of the world depending on your expertise. Adverts for such positions can be found on websites such as LinkedIn.

Freelance Web Developer

If you have the skills of a web developer, then you know how lucrative it is in our world today. Even as a retired professional, you can make good income offering your skills to companies and private clients. This freelancing job opportunity is also very flexible allowing you to work at your own pace and selecting projects of interest. As a freelance web developer, you will be tasked with handling jobs such as designing websites, IT management, and offering remote consultancy to companies who do business online.

Freelance Accountant

Every business needs proper bookkeeping and accountancy. Don’t let your skills go to waste. There is a high demand for tax consultants and financial monitors who can help businesses become more profitable.

You can find freelance accounting jobs on popular freelance websites. It is also possible to get clients by sending out emails to pitch your skills and how you can help the clients save money.

The world of freelancing is very interesting, and it is going to be worth your time financially. Keep developing your skills and find more ways to increase the number of your clients.

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