Top 6 Health Mistakes Women Make in Their 50s


Posted on: 09 June 2017 by Eve Charlton

Although most of the modern women are conscious about their health these days than they were a few years back, yet in the process of fulfilling their dreams as well as the expectations of the family, kids and making careers, they do not pay as much attention to their health as required.

The late 20s is very crucial in any women’s life as this is the time when they are already established in a career and perhaps decide to enter a relationship or start a family.  

At this age,  women might feel fit and enjoy all the gatherings and late-night parties. But the health indiscretions of the 20s may take a toll on the health when they reach their 50s. This is the time when they should start developing some healthy habits to save themselves from any serious health conditions.  

Here are the most frequent 6 health mistakes that women in their midlife make and which should be avoided.

1. Ignoring heart 

Smoking and drinking earlier in life take a toll on heart health of women when they reach midlife. A lack of physical activity, smoking, menopause, and diabetes are certain risk factors for cardiovascular disease (CVD) in women. Moreover, it is the most common cause of death for women in the UK. Every year, it kills more than 82,000 women compared with 79,000 men. So even if you feel healthy and fit, it is imperative to keep up with health tests such as blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol.

2. Taking insufficient Sleep 

The lack of sleep is one of the greatest problems that affect both males and females alike. A sound sleep of 7-10 hours is essential for the proper functioning of all body parts. Moreover, studies show that women need more sleep than men. However, due to a hectic lifestyle and family responsibilities, women usually compromise on their sleep. It is thus vital for women to get ample sleep every day to avoid critical health issues that may occur in the later life.

3. Skipping Exercise

You may be young and active now, but if you want to be fit in your midlife, it is imperative to work out. Without proper physical activity, your body will start to age faster. Also, lack of exercise weakens the immune system and thus makes you vulnerable to certain diseases.

4. Living with Menopausal Symptoms

Women in their fifties often assume that they must learn to put up with menopausal symptoms such as sleeping difficulties, hot flashes, urinary and vaginal problems. But this is not right. Women entering menopause should aware of its warning signs and take the medicine or undergo therapy to cope with some of the most severe problems of menopause.  

5. Thinking Sexual Life is Over

Women experience a lack of sexual desire after menopause. This happens due to the hormonal and physical changes it brings in their body. However, there are certain clinically proven ways to improve sexual function post 45 years of age. Women should know that this is the best time to enjoy their sex lives to the fullest as this is the time when they no longer need to fear becoming pregnant and when the partners have less stress about financial problems or careers.

6. Avoiding Medical Check Ups

Although you are agile and young at this time, ignoring a routine medical check-up can put your health in danger. If you have a disordered lifestyle, this is the time when most of the diseases take over your body and make you sick. Therefore, make sure to consult a doctor if you feel that something wrong is going on in your body. This way you will reach old age without serious health issues.

To keep yourself vibrant and productive at midlife and beyond, avoid these above-mentioned common health mistakes.

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