Top 6 things you need to see in Dubrovnik


Posted on: 11 November 2015 by Alex Morgan

When people talk about visiting Europe, they usually go for the already worn out cities like Paris, Rome, Venice... These are cities that get numerous tourist visits every day of the year and you can barely take a picture of yourself without another tourist taking one of his own inside yours, "photobombing" you in the process. Well, lucky for you, there is a hidden gem called Dubrovnik, located in Dalmatia region of Croatia, right next to the Adriatic Sea.

It's a wonderful city, full of history, and recently popularized by being used as a set for filming "King's Landing" and "Qarth" in the popular series "Game of Thrones". There are many things to do and see while in Dubrovnik, so here's a few off the top of the list: 

1.Take a boat tour

Dubrovnik's residents know that the city is located on the Adriatic Sea, so they did the most logical thing anyone would do when one has a beautiful seaside city: organize boat rides. There are of course different boat rides that can take you to different places. You can visit the Lokrum Island, or the nearby Elaphiti Islands. There are also pirate ships designed for on-board partying, and special boats with glass bottoms so you can observe marine life underneath the water. Whatever type of a boat ride is your thing, you can't miss here.

2. City walls

Want to feel like a Game of Thrones character? Well, luckily you can, as the city walls are available for tourists. That's right, you can walk around the city, looking down on it like a king or a queen. The total scenic route of the walls are around two kilometers long, and it can take around an hour to make a loop. You can see the old town with their famous red roofs on one side, and the sea on the other. Since this has been recently popularized by TV, you would have to go as early as they open in order to avoid crowds.


3.Visit a cliff bar

If you wanna sit down and relax, enjoy a few drinks with your friends or meet new ones, the best place to do that is one of the cliff-side bars. They are actually holes in the wall, turned into bars, so it's a unique experience for anyone visiting.

4. Go to the beach

Dubrovnik is a seaside city, remember? So, why not visit the beach? The easiest one to get to is Banje Beach. Bring a towel, and enjoy your stay for free, or opt for the more expensive option and rent a parasol and a sunbed. The sand is relatively rough, but the clear, sapphire colored water makes it worth all the while.

5. Feast on seafood

There's a plethora of harbourside restaurants to choose from, all located on the city edge. They offer many fish specials and you can simply taste the  freshness. If you however wish to dine inside the city, more close to the ground, you should visit Prijeko, a small side-street, famous for it's scampi, prawns and other delicious meals.

6. Wine tasting

Croatia is famous for its wine, so do not miss the opportunity to do some wine tasting while here. The Pelješac peninsula is where the wine comes from, and offers a unique and rich blend you should definitely try.

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