Top Recommendations On How To Make Your Travel Smooth And Low-Budget


Posted on: 04 June 2017 by Sherri E. Myers

For your travel to be seamless, you are expected to get prepared beforehand. Your preparations include proper ticketing, hotel reservation, route planning and other relevant travel issues.

The following recommendations were given to me by my friend Victoria. She is a Kiev private tour guide, and due to her occupation communicates a lot with tourists from different countries. She experienced a lot of difficult and unpleasant situations, being engaged as a helper and trouble-shooter with the tourists. 

Let's read the following recommendations to do well with your travel arrangements.

1. To economize on your flight:

Follow air carrier news. Air companies tend to offer regular promotion campaigns, which can reduce the airfare by up to 90%. To be in time with your lucky chance, subscribe to as many air carrier newsletters as possible, and receive regular updates.  

Fly with low-cost airlines. There are quite a few low-cost air companies today, many being extremely popular and frequently used by travelers from all over the world. The low-cost airlines typically offer the fares much lower than those of their ordinary fare colleagues. For example, you can fly from A to B within Europe for as little as EUR 9.

Avoid flying at weekends and on holidays. To save and feel more comfortable on board, take Mondays through Thursdays, as those are the cheapest and less occupied days.


2. To economize on your stay:

Subscribe to hotel newsletters. Similar to airline subscriptions, most hotels provide for theirs. Through the hotel subscriptions, you may trace the hotel news and catch the cheapest rooms. In addition to reduced prices, you may also come across a range of other benefits like gratis extra services etc. Subscribers are normally provided with more advantages on a regular basis.

Monitor world-popular booking resources. Reputable international reservation websites often suggest a lot of hotel deals when price cuts are on the edge. Regular monitoring will help you not to miss such overnight promotions. You are recommended to register because registered users are usually in favor and serviced first.

Find your city pass. City pass is the card, which is valid in the specific city and allows for a range of free services like city travels, museums, attractions and a lot more. Before traveling, find out if your destination city provides for such passes, and look for the services they cater for. For a small fee, you will get quite a big saving, as accompanied by better comfort.

Ask about free city excursions. Strange as it may seem, they do exist. Traditionally, those are the walks around the city organized by volunteers. There are quite a few reviews by the experienced tourists on the internet. You are not required to pay, only ‘if you wish’ donations are accepted.

 There are a lot more ways to make your travel unforgettable and low-budget: cut your overheads by limiting the expense items you can live without; agree in advance on your travel route, not to argue onsite, etc. Plan the essentials, and focus on the positive moments.


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