Top Six Tips for When Considering Retirement Properties


Posted on: 29 April 2018 by Amy Smith Brown

Once you start to approach your retirement age, you may start to look at buying a new property so you can see out your twilight years in comfort and security. You may consider moving closer to family and grandchildren so it will be easier to spend more time with them, or you may simply want to move away from the hustle and bustle of city life for somewhere more quiet.

Here are six very useful tips to bear in mind when looking for your perfect re

1: Work with an experienced estate agent

Working with an experienced estate agent makes sense. Your agent will be able to narrow down your search by working with you to discover your goals and desires, as well as taking on board any practicalities that you may not have thought about. They can find you only those properties that meet your requirements, and help save you precious time and legwork tracking down your ideal new home. At Factotum for example, we have many years of helping clients seeking ideal retirement properties that will suit their needs for many years to come. Take a look at our website to see if any properties catch your eye:  

2: Do your homework

Before you start to view and fall in love with potential new properties, it will pay you to do some homework to set your main goals and reasons for your move. Does the property need to be in walking distance of local shops? Do you need a place that is on one level? Do you want a small garden to tend, or would an apartment or flat suit you better?

3: New build or old and character-full?

You may have been a keen DIY enthusiast in your younger years, but maybe you are looking to change to a newer property that will be low-maintenance to minimise the amount of work and maintenance you will need to do in the future.

4: Is downsizing an option?

Many retired people choose to downsize from a larger family home because their children no longer live at home. Downsizing to a smaller property can free up some extra money that can come in very handy during your retirement. You could buy a new car, take a well-deserved holiday of a lifetime or go and visit family overseas that you haven't seen in years without having to save up.

5: Location, Location, Location

After years of living in a bustling city, many retirees choose to move out to the suburbs. This means that you can still be close enough to the city for easy access, but far enough away from the busy streets to have some peace and quiet.


6: Think of the future

You may be fit and well right now, but it makes sense to look for a property that you could see yourself living in for the rest of your life. If the idea of moving house again in a few years doesn't appeal to you, then take that into consideration. Maybe living in a third floor apartment with lots of stairs to climb each day will not be so easy in ten years time.

Buying a retirement property is a major decision. You can make it easier for yourself by putting your trust into the experts at Our team of warm and friendly staff are here to help! We can assist you with your search and secure your a perfect property to suit your needs.

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