Top Tips for Keeping Your Eyes Healthy


Posted on: 22 July 2015 by John Bell

As we get older, it becomes ever more important to look after our eyes. In this post we cover some of the best ways to keep your eyes healthy.

It's incredibly important to look after your eyes, particularly as we get older. Age related degeneration of our eyesight may be something we can't always avoid, but we can take as many steps as possible to keep our eyes healthy and ensure our eyesight remains strong, even into old age. 

But what can we do to try and maintain the health of our eyesight? Many older people assume that loss of visual acuity is just a part of getting old, but actually there are lots of things we can do to try and slow any natural deterioration. 

The first thing we can do is to pay more attention to our overall nutrition, which can not only improve our eye health, but overall health as well. The link between nutrition and eye health has long been established, but recent research suggests that this link could be even more prominent than we had previously thought. Data from the last few years points to the strong link between important nutrients and antioxidants and a reduced risk of macular degeneration and cataracts. In addition, Vitamin A can help protect against blindness, and Vitamin C can help to alleviate or even to prevent glaucoma. Omega 3 also appears to help the eyes in a variety of ways, from helping with dry eye syndrome to protecting against macular damage. For a more complete list of the vitamins and micronutrients that can help improve your eye health, as well as where to find them, have a look at this ebook on vision and the eyes

Another important element of keeping your eyes healthy is regular check ups with your optician, to ensure your eyes are in good working order, or to help improve your vision with corrective lenses. It's important that check-ups are regular and with a high quality optician, as not only can they ensure you've got the correct prescription, but they can spot problems with your eyes (and your general health) early, giving you the best possible chance of preventing any serious problems. 

It's important to try and get out of the house and take part in physical activity as we get older, but when you are outside (particularly during the summer months) be sure to wear sunglasses, preferably a pair with polarised lenses and 100% UV protection. This can help prevent numerous problems associated with UV radiation, and also help protect your eyes from dust and other air-blown particles. Similarly, when you're doing any activity, make sure you're wearing appropriate eye protection if advisable (DIY is a particularly pertinent activity in this regard). 

Hydration is an important factor in eye health - and general health - and should not be overlooked. Ensure you're drinking plenty of water and you're appropriately hydrated. This is particularly true during the warmer months, or when you're exercising. 

If you use the computer reasonably regularly (and if you're reading this I would suggest you probably do), try and remember to take 2-3 minute breaks from the screen every half an hour. This can help prevent eye strain and vision-related headaches. 

If you're a smoker, considering cutting down, or ideally quitting altogether. Recent research from the RNIB suggests that smokers are twice as likely to lose their sight in later life than non-smokers. Giving up smoking is by no means easy, but it's well worth the effort if it can help prevent partial or complete blindness, and will also have numerous other beneficial effects on your health. 

If you find your eyes are irritated, try to resist rubbing them, as in many cases this can make the problem worse. Instead, flush out your eye with water or saline solution. If this doesn't work, schedule an appointment with an eye specialist as early as you can. 

If you're female, try and resist the temptation to leave your make-up on when you go to bed - this can lead to eye irritation or even infections, and it's also bad for your skin. 

I hope that gives you a few useful tips on keeping your eyes healthy, and if it helps just one person preserve their eyesight in later life then it was well worth sharing with you all. 


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