Top Tips on a Healthier Lifestyle for the Over 50s


Posted on: 22 July 2019 by David Sessford

Top Tips on a Healthier Lifestyle for the Over 50s


We all wish that we were in our twenties forever. When we could eat what we wanted and never put on weight, drink what we wanted and never feel hungover, and having copious amounts of energy to boot every day. Unfortunately, no one stays twenty forever, and we all age in varying degrees in the years to come. Fast forward to past your fifties and you’ll realise you’re here in the blink of an eye. We may be older and wiser, but once we reach this age group our bodies require a little more care than they did a mere ten years ago. Here are some top tips on how to feel your best and thrive through your 50s and beyond, simply by living a healthier lifestyle.


Eat Well

Ever heard the expression that you are what you eat? Well this only amplifies in truth and important the older that you get. Healthy eating is something that if you can, you should practice throughout your life – however if you haven’t, it’s never too late to start. Unfortunately the older that we get, the more that our metabolism rate slows down, so your body can’t actually process food in the way that it once used to – which also means you’re likely to put on weight more easily. The good news is, that eating healthy isn’t rocket science. It’s as simple as portion control and enjoying a well-balanced diet including all of the nutrients that you need. If you can, try and eat your five a day, cut down on salt, sugar and saturated fats, eat oily fish, and cut down your alcohol intake. That’s not to say that you aren’t allowed treats, but just be mindful of what you’re putting into your body – remember that you only get one. Also remember to drink plenty of water and to stay hydrated!


Look After Your Living Space

As well as thinking about yourself, you should also consider how you look after the space in which you live. Remember that even in our non-waking hours that the home is where we spend the vast majority of our lives, so take care of it. The difference between a healthy and not healthy living space can impact our moods, how well we sleep, and consequently our overall health. Don’t hesitate to make home improvements! Paint the walls, get some new bedding and invest in some house plants which are air purifying. And don’t forget to give your garden some attention too! Having an outdoor space in which you can relax and spend time in the fresh air is so important for your mental and physical health – so make sure it’s a place that makes you want to spend your time there! Plant some flowerbeds, take care of your lawn, and if you fancy a new hobby you could even start growing a vegetable patch there! Likewise don’t forget to paint your fence, and possibly get in touch with companies such as to fix up your brickwork. The environment we live in is so, so important for our wellbeing, particularly in our later years, so don’t hesitate to invest in it.


Keep Physically and Mentally Active

Keeping both your mind and your body active is crucial as you get older, and the two are in fact intrinsically linked.

In regards to physical fitness, it’s safe to say that as you get older you need to take a different approach to how you would have done twenty or so years ago. Although when you’re younger it’s recommended that you do up to two and a half hours a week of exercise, once you reach your fifties it’s more important to take part in exercise that is a little less strenuous, but that will help you with your balance, strength and flexibility. Some prime examples of this are swimming, yoga, golf and gym classes. Even fast paced walks – anything that gets your heart going and makes you warmer! You’re less likely to suffer from illnesses such as diabetes if you keep fit, and even highly reduce your chances of getting some life-threatening diseases.

Likewise, remember to keep your mind active. Although the physical aspect does help the mental aspect, there is more you can do. Studies have even shown that keeping your brain active reduces the risk of dementia in later life too, so the sooner you start, the better. This could be anything – crosswords, puzzles, reading more, playing chess. Whatever it is that stimulates your mind, do that. We’re all guilty at whatever age we are of sitting and watching the television instead of practicing some mental agility, so make the change! It will highly benefit you in the long run.


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Simon Johnson posted 13 September 2019

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Jung Kang posted 17 January 2020

Thank you for your work!

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