Trendy Light Brown Balayage Haircuts You Should Try


Posted on: 21 January 2019 by Tom Clark

Undeniably, light brown balayage haircuts are popular among women, and its popularity has continued to increase in recent years. This is why…

For those who are new to balayage technique, this is a colouring method which is currently taking the hair scene by surprise-and when you look at these light brown balayage hairstyles it will be very simple for you to understand why. Balayage mixes two varying hair colours, fading one shade into other, and that is why it is a common technique.

Most ladies who go for balayage have long hair. It is challenging to employ this colouring technique on short hair, so most balayage haircuts are meant for ladies with long hair. So, now you understand what balayage technique is, let's see examples of these light brown balayage hairstyles. You see more facts here about balayage technique.

  1. Warm Balayage with Dark Blonde Trimmings.

If you need a more natural hair, then you may want to give a shot to this light brown balayage hairstyle.

It doesn’t include any severe and drastic hue shifts. Rather, this haircut melts gradually from a subtle-toned dark brown at the base to warm blonde at the trimmings for a glam finish that shows off the essence of standard balayage without appearing too severe.

  1. Blonde Balayage with Dark Roots.

This is the right hairstyle for ladies who want to rock blonde but hate those regular salon appointments.

The brown base of this hairstyle blends seamlessly into the natural looking blonde trimmings. This smooth, blended gradual transition makes the low hairstyle maintenance as you need to visit salon twice a month.

  1. Light Blended Hairstyle for Women with Fine Hair.

Most balayage hairstyles incorporate dark brown. However, the darkest hue in this style is medium honey colour. This hairstyle is suitable for ladies with naturally fine hair and doesn't need to go darker.

The roots are light brown and melt into warm auburn highlights and subtle blonde ends. This hairstyle is sleek, and the colour scheme gives the entire style a natural-looking finish.

  1. Dark Brown Balayage and Warm Blonde Ends.

This beautiful balayage medium haircut blends grey-blonde ends and dark brown roots to come up with easy maintenance, trendy colour. Besides, its natural roots don’t need too much maintenance.

The grey roots melt quickly into a light-blonde tone. However, this balayage look blends very seamlessly despite its quick, severe shade shift.

  1. Graduated Burgundy-Tone Balayage.

It can be challenging to get a natural look from extremely black roots or dark brown look. However, this vibrant balayage hairstyle beats this challenge successfully.

So if your hair roots are deep black or naturally dark brown, but you don’t want to completely dis your natural hair colour, this light brown balayage hairstyle is right for you.  The dark roots melt into an unanticipated-but extremely flattering –burgundy tone at the mid-shaft.

The burgundy quickly melts into warm-toned yellow balayage that mixes seamlessly with the style’s dark roots.

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