Types Of Accessories You Can Pair With ALL Your Indian Wear


Posted on: 16 August 2018 by Rashmi Adwani

fashion is the new era where lot of people are coming forward and converting the idea into the mainframe to look good and amazing , fashion designer kurti are the stand out.

There are a few statement accessories that you can pair with all your desi outfits to make them seem better and more beautiful.  Here are 10 must have accessories to pair with your Indian wear that each desi woman should have in her wardrobe!  These can take your desi swag up a notch!
1.  A Blingy Shimmery Clutch
A beige, blingy clutch may look beautiful with all your Indian wear outfits.  It'll add a wonderful festive vibe for your plain and understated suits, cultural skirts and other ensembles.  Having this on your wardrobe is totally necessary for each fashionable girl!
A statement ring may add a minimal touch of glamour into your Indian wear appearance.  This stunning one with a black stone will go nicely with almost all your outfits.  The shape is really basic, beautiful and will look super pretty on you! 
3.  The Perfect Earrings!
To make an Indian wear costume come alive wear a fashion designer kurti complte the look with the statment necjkpeice and you are ready to rock the entire night, you have to add a pair of really amazing cultural earrings.  You can pick between jhumkas or chaand baalis to make your look really popup.  And if you wind up selecting one at a really bright color that can stand out using any outfit - it'll only make for the ideal accessory! 
4.  Pretty Footwear
A pair of gold heels is a real must-have in your desi cupboard as it lifts your Indian wear video game in a jiffy.  Add a pair of gold heels into any of your appearances, make it a dhoti salwar, a kurta or an ethnic skirt and make it seem more joyous, almost instantly!  Therefore, in the event that you don't have one, you must buy yourself a pair immediately!
5.  The Right Necklace
A statement necklace will make your ethnic wear look at least ten times better!  Wear the one you like the most. Be it golden, silver, beaded or painted.  A good neckpiece will give your saree, kurtis or even a dhoti salwar and kameez combo a well put together look.  
6.  An All Purpose Dupatta
If you love wearing suits, kurtis or kurtas, you need to invest in a good quality, colourful yet unique dupatta that's just perfect!  A dupatta is an amazing accessory that will let you style and give your basic kurtas a new lease on life, and freshen them up a bit!  Just be sure you choose a statement dupatta that will stand out!
7.  Beautiful Bindi
Bindis are a great addition to all your Indian wear clothes and will accentuate your look in just minutes.  It gives your forehead much-needed attention and will make your desi avatar look just right and awesome!
8.  Sunglasses For Swag
Sunglasses are a fresh and enjoyable addition each fashionable girl should add to her desi wardrobe.  This pair of golden-yellow reflector sunglasses may add to the glam quotient of your desi appearance, and make it seem really, really sexy.  Sunglasses also give your typical Indian appearance a nice western touch whilst maintaining the traditional sense.
9.  Jingling Bangles
What's a much better accessory than a dozen vibrant bangles jingling in your wrist?!  Bangles are unique to Indian wear and act as a statement accessory when it comes to taking the easy desi woman look up with a notch.  You can change the color of your bangles to match your ensemble or contrast it.  In fact, you can also wear metallic colored bangles in gold, bronze or silver to keep it rustic!
10.  Bobby Pins Pretty
Hair accessories are a fun twist you can contribute to your Indian wear, especially to provide an edgy spin.  Add a tribal bit like this hairpin, that will highlight the majority of your hairstyles.  Can it be a braid, receptive hair trapped on one facet or a sloppy bun... A stylised bobby trap is a must-have when you're planning a gorgeous desi appearance! 

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