Understanding senior housing options in the UK


Posted on: 06 March 2020 by Alexander Zhuchenko

There is no doubt about it that aging is an inevitable part of life that no one can run away from. In many parts of the world, especially in the United Kingdom, the geriatrics or elderly is a growing population.

There is no doubt about it that aging is an inevitable part of life that no one can run away from. In many parts of the world, especially in the United Kingdom, the geriatrics or elderly is a growing population. For this, it is crucial that senior citizens are given the utmost assistance not limited to provision of medical aid but also in terms of housing support. In fact, there are a lot of housing options that the senior citizens may choose from. However, the elderly will also need to consider their financial standing to determine the kind of financial aid or assistance they will need. Below are just a few of such choices available to you if you are a senior citizen living in the UK and are on the lookout for housing alternatives:

Housing Option 1: Living With A Grown-Up Offspring 

Again, before you jump into the conclusion that you will be better off living with your children, think about it some more. Keep in mind that your children may have their own families as well and hence may not have as much time as you expect them to have for you. For these reasons, you will need to be more understanding and more patient. If you are truly keen on living with one of your children, then you can perhaps request your own private nurse. Then you won’t be as much of a bother or burden to them. However, this option is usually taken by those seniors who are short on funds.

Housing Option 2: Living With A Caregiver

If your children cannot take you, then you might have to take your chances on other housing options. For example, you can consider living with a caregiver in a subsidized senior apartment. You should note that you will be put on a waiting list before you can start moving in. Also, there are certain restrictions with regards to your income that will apply when you choose this kind of housing option. However, if you qualify for this housing opportunity, your rent will be subsidized by the government, NGOs or other non-profit organizations. In other words, the rent that you are required to pay every month will be dependent on your household’s monthly income. Check the list of homes for rent in Birmingham to get an idea about current pricing.

Housing Option 3: Living In Subsidized Apartments as Independent Seniors 

In case you are the type of senior who prefers living independently to being taken care of in a rest home, then you might as well consider looking into living in an apartment that cater specifically to the elderly. You can live your life however you want it without any restrictive rules. Furthermore, these rest homes provide more opportunities for social interactions with your fellow senior citizens living in the same community.

Housing Option 4: Residing In Health Care Facilities

Seniors have the option to stay in heath care facilities to make sure that everything they need will be provided and their medical needs will be regularly attended to. One of the advantages of this housing option is that the seniors are guaranteed to be familiar with everyone else in the community. The nursing care services available are extensive and they will be able to ensure yor safety and well-being at all times.

Housing Option 5: Living In Rest Homes/Nursing Homes

Last but not least, if there is another advantage of living in rest homes or nursing homes, it would have to be that you will be given 24 hour nursing care in a medically equipped nursing facility. This is crucial especially to those seniors who may have regular trips to the hospital or are diagnosed with chronic illness. Likewise, this would be ideal for seniors who may have serious ailments or are suffering from severe heart conditions. Although this senior housing option is the most expensive option, the medical benefits and the ease of mind that you are going to receive is well worth the price.

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