Useful and frugal baby gifts


Posted on: 18 June 2015 by Andrew Newitt

Getting a suitable gift for a newborn is a very tricky thing and it often gives headache to people, especially to those who do not have a child of their own. Fortunately, this article might help you out with choosing practical baby gifts and make it easier for you to decide whether to go for the usual presents or try to be creative.


Disposable gifts

So, if you are clueless about what to get, first you have to thoroughly review your options and think hard about the things that the parents will like and make sure that it is going to be helpful. For example, you should think of all the things they have at their disposal and avoid giving them what they already own, such as a crib, since they surely do not need two of those. Of course, there are some things that are always welcome and necessary at all times. For instance, let us start with toilet related gifts. Diapers and a diaper service are an excellent idea, because these disposable things are such a burden for the parents, since they are fairly expensive. Also, wipes, both wet and dry ones, are very likely going to come in handy, but some parents decide not to use them, since they are not very good for the environment, and they would want to use some kind of a more eco-friendly solution. Naturally, keep in mind that your present should be composed of more than one thing, so you could add something like a skin product, such as a shampoo, a nappy balm or a soap, to the things mentioned above, and put them into a useful bag rather than wrapping them in an absolutely useless decorative paper.

Presents to stay

If you do not like the previous ideas, because you simply want to buy something that will stay by their side for a longer time and always remind the parents of you, do not worry - there are still some amazing solutions that are practical, and will make them remember you for a long time. You could get a beautiful little baby blanket, which will keep the newborn warm through the chilly winter, or get them some colorful and cute clothes. Another remarkably good idea would be to include baby hangers in the present, since they can be used for years, unlike the clothes. The last, but not the least is probably the most popular gift for babies – the toys. Some people think that babies are not really into toys that much. However, they totally are, but they just get bored of a single toy quickly, so get them a few of those and make sure they do not contain anything toxic and dangerous, such as harmful stuffing or metal parts, because newborns tend to put things in their mouth quite often.

As you see, it is probably the smartest option to go for the common gifts, but that does not mean that you cannot be original - you just have to spend a bit more time searching for the right present, since this time you are actually buying it for three people at once.

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