Ways to sure that IVF is successful


Posted on: 18 August 2018 by Sumai Rosh

In this article ways are mention to make sure that the IVF goes successful for women .There are various ways which are adopted by various IVF center in Mumbai. to make sure that the IVF treatment goes successful for women,

No hindsight, Only Facts!
Whether you're getting ready to start your very first IVF treatment cycle or you've been through IVF earlier you probably have heard a great deal of crazy advice about the best way best to make sure your cycle is powerful.  Does anything really make a difference?  Are there actions you can take to enhance your chances of becoming pregnant?  Permit 's dig a bit deeper.
1.  Make Certain That You're Healthy
Your general state of health affects your chances of a successful embryo transfer and a healthy pregnancy.  Therefore the best thing you can do is lead a healthy life.  Quit smoking, eat a healthy diet, exercise in moderation, shed the extra weight, and get more sleep.  Don't overindulge in alcohol.  Forget about any recreational drugs.  This may sound dull, but it's worth it to help you get to your goal of starting a family.
2.  Cut Back on the Coffee
New research shows that, for women, drinking more than five cups of coffee a day has a negative effect on your chance of getting pregnant.  So, back away from the free refills at work, and be aware of how much coffee you drink every day.
3.  Age is a Factor
Don't wait too late to start IVF.  Success rates with IVF decrease over age 35, and decrease sharply over age 40.  Some experts estimate that as many as 1 in 3 girls will have difficulty with fertility after age 35, with the majority of girls trying hard to conceive after they turn 40.  In case you're over 40, you may want to think about donor eggs to increase your probability of having a healthy baby.
4.  Consider Having Acupuncture
Acupuncture has been shown to alleviate stress.  Two recent studies,one in Acupuncture in Medicine and the other at the Journal of Endocrinological Investigation -- discovered a gain when acupuncture was used on the day an embryo was transferred into a woman's uterus.  A study by the Journal of Endocrinological Investigation also discovered that girls with polycystic ovary syndrome and guys who had infertility issues without a known cause also profited from acupuncture.
5.  Be Patient
If you are under 30 or 35 years old, time may become your buddy.  Almost half of couples under age 35 who have been striving for less than two years to become pregnant have a greater than 30 percent pregnancy rate.  If your male partner has fertility issues or you have been diagnosed with factors that make IVF your very best choice, your age is in your favor.  You may be at the long tail of the fertility curve--don't give up if IVF does not work on your first cycle.
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