What’s The Best Mattress For Back Pain?


Posted on: 18 December 2016 by Jeremy Ranson

One of the essential requirements of all human beings is to sleep comfortably at night so that the body gets recharged for the next day. Therefore, choosing a cozy sleeping surface should be a high priority for everyone.

There can be many causes for pain in the back. It could be due injuries, improper posture and cramps. But one very common reason for back pain and other related issues is inadequate or improper support to the spine. When you are unable to sleep comfortably at night your health is adversely affected.

Selecting the best mattress

It has been realized that pain in the back can be controlled to some extent by using a hard surface for sleeping at night. So, people having issue of backache tend to use very firm mattress for sleeping but this is not desirable. It is not unusual to experience increased backache or stiffness on patronizing hard mattress for sleeping. Specialists advise using medium-firm mattresses for people affected with back pain. In case you are using too soft a mattress, you may keep a ply board underneath it to get the effect of medium-firm mattress. Sagged mattress should never be used even by healthy people.

You should understand that there is no universal mattress suited for everybody having issues of back pain. You need to consider a couple of factors while procuring a mattress to help lighten back pain. First, you need to assess the precise reason of back pain. Here you can find more information regarding mattress that will provide you comfort and support.

Those experiencing pain in the back due disc location are recommended to patronize a firmer mattress, whereas those affected by back ache that isn't too severe or persistent may use the firmer and or softer variety of mattresses. In fact, one should always try sleeping on a mattress before buying one.

Mattresses that alleviate backache

Of late, memory foam mattress or visco elastic foam is getting increasingly popular. The design of such mattresses allows the user to sleep comfortably and reduces pain in the lower back. You may know that visco elastic foam got developed by NASA and mattresses made from this material were utilized by astronauts. Subsequently, this material was exploited for commercial applications and is now extensively used for making mattresses.

The most significant and helpful feature of memory foam is its ability to adapt to the body shape of the user. As you lie down on a bed made using this foam, it compresses as per your weight but regains its shape soon after you leave that bed. It provides the much needed support to your back. Memory foam mattresses do not incorporate any frames or coils. The comfort level of such a bed is in direct proportion to the thickness of the foam employed. Moreover, its firmness increases when the temperature decreases.

Apart from Memory foam mattresses, you also get memory foam toppers and pads. It simply means that you may just procure a memory foam topper and use the same on your present bed rather than buying a new bed with memory foam mattress, though the latter is recommended for long lasting effects. Memory foam mattresses are available in varying prices. Though you can find very cheap variety also, it is not really effective for easing backache. Avoid buying too cheap a variety as it could be counterfeited also.

Some also recommend using futon mattress for treating pain in the lower back. However, those affected by joint pain could find it a bit too firm and hard. Many consider it helpful to sleep on bed at the level of floor, but this is not recommended because getting into or out of such a bed can become more painful for your back.

When considering buying a new mattress don’t get carried away by its price or brand. Buy a quality product and do not hesitate to try a new mattress before paying for the same.

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