What Are the Best Greek Products to Buy for Seniors?


Posted on: 30 December 2020 by Amy Smith Brown

So what are the best products you can get for the older members of your family from the enchanting country of Greece?

A trip to the beautiful country of Greece will fill you with incredible experiences that will be etched in your memory forever. By buying greek products, you manage to take a small part of these experiences with you to remind you of the great moments you lived in that country. But you don't buy these products just for you, you also buy products for your loved ones, such as your parents or grandparents, who never get the chance to visit this country, but through some quality greek products, they manage to "encounter" with all this vast piece called Greek living and nutrition. So what are the best products you can get for the older members of your family from the enchanting country of Greece?

Greek Coffee

Greek coffee (or Turkish coffee) is a finely ground type of coffee, made in a unique vessel called the "mpriki". The process of making a cup of greek coffee may seem simple, but it certainly requires the right knowledge so that you'll get the desired result. Coffee consumption is an integral part of the country, with various households and cafes full of people starting their day with a hot coffee cup. This coffee is consumed in an espresso-sized cup because we talk about a reasonably strong coffee with a significant effect.

Greek Cheese

If you really want to taste real Greek tradition (pun intended), you should definitely buy some kind of Greek cheese. Cheese in Greece is essentially a form of milk preservation, based on lactic fermentation and reducing water content. When these principles are combined, 21 (!!!), different types of Greek cheeses with a protected designation of origin are created from scratch. They're many types of cheeses based on color, texture, and acidity, with the most famous cheese being the "feta." A white cheese, soft in brine, without crust, and the country's national cheese, which is cooked and eaten in all possible ways by greek people. A great choice of a timeless product.

Alcoholic Beverages

widespread. People used to drink alcoholic drinks such as ouzo or tsipouro when they went out for a night out. These two alcoholic beverages are confused continuously but, in fact, differ in the way they are produced. We are talking about two quite strong alcoholic beverages with high alcohol content. Greece is also widely known as a country with quality varieties of red and white wines, as there are other options of alcoholic beverages to choose from such as mastic drinks or the so-called METAXA, which is a combination of brandy with wine. So if those waiting for you at home would like a strong glass of an alcoholic beverage, do not hesitate to take a bottle with you.

Greek Tea

After the Greek coffee, we also find Greek tea, or mountain tea, which is collected from plants that reach an altitude of more than a thousand meters. Greek mountain tea has proven its enormous benefits for people's overall health and well-being, which is why it has deservedly earned its place in every Greek home. It is usually consumed in winter periods to warm people and reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety.

If you are in an unfortunate position and didn't manage to buy one of the dozens of beneficial Greek teas, you don't need to worry. In the online store of Greek Bio Store, you can find a wide variety of Greek teas that will improve your body with beneficial features, as well as dozens of other Greek products that you may have missed during your trip. And all this with the ease of one click.

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