What Can You Do When Somebody Owes You Money?


Posted on: 21 December 2018 by Kirk Y Clark

When you think of professional Debt Collectors, you tend to think that they act on behalf of banks, building societies or other financial institutions.


When you think of professional Debt Collectors, you tend to think that they act on behalf of banks, building societies or other financial institutions. The fact is that a Private Debt Collection covers anything where somebody is indebted to another party whether it be a Business or an individual. The nature of a Private debt itself can arise from a whole host of situations where somebody has given some form of credit, goods or services to another person.

For example, a person may have lent their friend money to buy a car or it could be were a private loan has been provided to a family member on the basis that it is paid back in agreed instalments. Whatever the situation, the favoured choice to remedy it is often the use of a Private Debt Collection Agency.

As well as personal cash loans, monies can also be owed for goods that were given to another party on the promise of payment at a given time. If you are looking to help a friend out or provide a service to somebody on the basis that you will be paid back, it is always advisable to take precautionary measures in the event of non-payment.

Put it in Writing

Probably the most important advice you can take onboard is to document any agreement you made on paper. It can feel a little awkward to broach the subject of documenting any personal and informal ‘agreement’, but it could be the only evidence that you can rely upon to prove that a debt actually exists.

Any agreement would need to be signed by both parties and will outline the payment that will be due along with due dates etc It is essential that this step is taken or if there is the instance non-payment, you may not have the required proof of debt.

Payment date missed so what can you do?

Never lose your cool. Always be polite when requesting any overdue payment to be made. Most issues can be resolved without the need for further action so you may just need to prompt people from time to time to ensure they stick to your arrangement.

Next – If the dialogue fails to remedy the situation, then put your request for payment in writing to let them know you are serious about getting the return of your owed monies.

Consider reviewing the arrangement

If you are aware of extenuating circumstances that affect the person’s ability to pay, it could be that compassion is the best course of action. You can broker a new arrangement with either a reduced amount or an extended time frame to allow for payment.

It can often be a tactful move that can avoid the relationship turning completely sour and may save a friendship.

If still no payment then what?

If there is an impasse and all of your reasonable attempts to solicit payment fail, then it is time to seek assistance from Professionals. A Private Debt Collection specialist can assess the situation and act on your behalf without the need for expensive lawyers or court action.

Professional Debt Collectors are not just limited to helping Businesses, some can provide a legitimate recourse for individuals that are owed monies.

A Debt Collection specialist assess your situation and provide expert advice on the possible solutions for you. Every situation should be judged on its own merit and the situation of being owed money is far, fra more common than you think so you are not alone. Lending money, especially to friends and relatives, can be a minefield. However, if you were good enough to lend them in their hour of need then they should make every effort to pay it back.

In the United Kingdom, Frontline Collections are the leading Professional Debt Collectors for the collection of Private Debts. They recover millions of pounds every year on behalf of individuals and companies. They also offer a free assessment of your situation to ensure the debt is legally valid.


The old adage is 'Be a lender nor borrower be' however everybody knows that life is not always that easy. When trying to help friends or relatives, it really does pay to exercise caution where appropriate.

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