What exactly is a healthy lifestyle?


Posted on: 09 January 2012 by Frances Ive

People who have a healthy lifestyle often overlook emotional factors in their lives. You can believe that you are living healthily by eating good food and exercising hard, but if your emotional life is causing you pain you might not be nurturing yourself. Frances Ive is a health journalist and editor of Healthy Soul.

Loads of people think that they have a healthy lifestyle, but what does it actually mean?

Does it mean getting plenty of exercise, eating well, not drinking too much alcohol and not smoking? Certainly all of these are important. The biggest risk factor for most serious illnesses is smoking, but there’s more to it than that.

Naturopaths who treat people in a holistic and natural way like to ask patients first of all, ‘Are you being bullied by anyone?’ Many people might find this a strange question, but it’s amazing how many people actually realise, when they think about it, that they are being bullied by a partner or a boss and they hadn’t ever thought of it as bullying.  The thinking behind this question is that if you are being badly treated by someone it will have an impact on your emotional and physical health.

So a healthy lifestyle means eating healthy food, not drinking excessive alcohol, drinking plenty of water, exercising regularly, and being true to yourself so that your emotional health is sound. If you are having relationship problems of any kind it is not good for your body or soul and  they do need to be addressed, so I also advocate any kind of talking therapy that helps you to take control of your life.

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Frances Ive

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