What Not to Buy from Fast-Fashion Stores, According to a Stylist


Posted on: 27 October 2018 by Adnan Swami

We all are aware of the fact that designers know better than us regarding women’s dresses and other stuff. They know what is good for our looks and what.

What do designers recommend?

Most of the people not only listen to what designers recommend but also work on it as well. This is because they know that designers know more about fashion and style and they would never tell the audience anything that is wrong.

Designers recommend: never buy anything that seems like the imitation or the copy of designer stuff.

 This might seem like a small statement but it has great usage for us in our daily lives.


This is because people follow designers and their designs way more than you think. When you go outside and wear anything that is designer, people will surely point you out as they have prior knowledge regarding the stuff already. This is because social media has increased the fashion knowledge of people and when the people search for stuff, they ultimately get to know about the designer stuff at the moment.

Also, when you buy an imitation of designers, people point you out and ask you if you are wearing a copy. This makes you embarrassed and your style sense goes from top to bottom in the mind of the person observing you. So, save yourself from getting embarrassed and try to choose the stuff which is as unique as ever.

Go for outfits that stand alone

To make your own fashion statement this is what you can go for instead of wearing replicas or copies of designer brands. This is not just an inexpensive way of looking better than others but also makes you stand out in the crowd as well.

Try Ownthelooks UK

Ownthelooks is a brand growing in a rapid manner. They have a variety of outfits and accessories that can make you look the way you want. You can get the own the looks sale as well which will let you shop at a discounted rate.


Jeans is something very usual for the women and the men as well but you are the one who can find more unique ways to make it unique for yourself. If you are not able to bring in more ideas by your own self you can simply go on the website of ownthelooks to get the latest ideas for jeans and jackets.

Leather suede skirt

The skirt is usual but making it in leather is what can make it more creative and bold.

Midi dresses with a belt

Midi dresses are the love of people who want outfits for usual days. They are a good option when you want a complete look in one piece. So, it is better If you wear them when you do not know what to wear.


Ownthelooks is offering the amazing and most popular dress designs for you without bothering you at all. So, get the ultimate fashion look in no time.

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