What To Include In Your First Aid Car Kit For Your Winter Holidays


Posted on: 20 December 2013 by Laura Harrison

With many people going away for their Christmas holidays, it's important to remain safe and be prepared by having a good first aid car kit.

Christmas is finally here and so are the holidays. Driving to a winter holiday destination within the country can seem like a daunting prospect with the endless traffic, car sickness and long journeys. However, have no fear; here are a few handy tips on what to take along in your car to make your winter drive as hassle free as possible. We have covered all bases to make your time off the relaxing break it should be.

The Basics

Let’s start with the basics that you need to have in your car at all times in order to travel carefree. A handy tip is to keep a small Tupperware full of these essentials in your car; you never know when you might need them. Plasters and bandages as well as safety pins will ensure that you have all situations covered for any cuts or scrapes along the way. A tube of basic antiseptic cream, sting relief, as well as pain killers are vital to keep in your car too. Travel sickness tablets are useful for all ages; they will eliminate any feeling of nausea, making your car journey a lot more pleasant.

It is essential that you are always prepared and have a traditional first aid kit, as well as a basic knowledge in first aid training so you are prepared if anything should happen to you or your family. Britannia, who offer health and safety training as well as other various courses such as CISRS Training in Lincolnshire think first aid training is essential for anyone and more efforts should be put in place to encourage more people to learn about how to give aid in a various situations.

Travelling With Grandchildren

If you’re going away with your grandchildren, a long car journey is not always easy, but these essentials will make sure your trip is comfortable and relaxed. First of all, make certain that you take lots of water along with you. It seems obvious but water is crucial to keep headaches, stomach aches and general dehydration at bay. Healthy snacks like fruit and vegetable sticks will also curb any hunger, as well as helping to avoid the temptation of stopping off at service stations for fast food. Planning visual games to play in the car that involve the whole family, like ‘I spy’, or ‘how many Christmas trees can you spot’ will keep the children occupied and make the time pass quickly. Blankets and pillows are also a great item to bring with you; they will make the journey more comfortable and allow the children to get a good sleep along the way. Spare clothes to go on the back seat rather than in your suitcase are a must when you are travelling with children. There are bound to be spillages of food and drink, so keep these close to hand.

Travelling at Night

Driving at night requires a few more necessities. You need to check that you carry a torch and a high visibility jacket with you in the case of a breakdown. And again, blankets are also useful to keep passengers, and children in particular, warm at night. In addition, it can be a great help to have a satellite navigation system when travelling at night in particular, as it can be hard to read a map. They are an easy way to calculate journey times and they also advise you on speed limits.

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