What's better: custom shirts vs. off the rack?


Posted on: 19 November 2015 by Jimmy Youn

To talk about custom shirts vs. off the rack shirts and to define or declare one as superior and other as inferior as permanent opinion would not be right thing to do, as we know nothing is ultimate, opinions do change under influence of day to day circumstances. Still there are certain to be considered.

Let’s discuss off the rack shirts first:

Off rack shirts are usually available in pre-established sizes such small, medium, large, extra-large or they are available on the basis of the collar sizes. Off rack shirts are also consider to be comparatively cheaper than the custom shirts, and during sales, especially Christmas sales one gets pretty cool bargain. There is another obvious plus too with these shirts, if there is a need you can buy it as soon as the stores are open or you can order online for quick delivery.

What about fitting? Whosoever is wearing these shirts happy and satisfied? We may say answer is yes but with some limitation, that is there are persons to whom, off rack shirt fits perfectly so they are happy and there are persons to whom fitting, styling, fabric is not an issue, they just need a shirt and that’s it.

Now coming to the custom made shirts:

When we say custom made shirt it mean we are opening doors to the world where there is vast choice of fabrics and colors, numerous choices available for the styling of the shirt, you can have own signature shirts. No matter if you are slim, skinny, muscular, short, tall or extra sized person. You create your own shirt as per your desire, even then usually the companies like Nattyshirts.com send you trial shirt to wear and check if it is as per your need or not.

It may be true that custom shirt cost more, but when you are looking for perfection, you want to have shirt in 100% cotton, with styling of your choice, it is acceptable to pay little more. Still it is not true all custom made shirt are expensive, you can look for companies online which suit your budget. You may visit hilburn.com, blanklabel.com or nattyshirts.com

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