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Posted on: 04 February 2015 by Jessica Louise Tucker

How I've learned to turn the deepest loss of my life into a promise to live every day to the fullest.

My grandpa and I were really close. After he passed, our whole family went through a tumultuous time of mourning his loss. My grandmother, with her stregth and carefree Californian optimism, decided about a year after his passing that she'd start going through her 'bucket list'. They were always saving up or planning or postponing doing what they dreamt of accomplishing.

Well, she made up her mind over five years ago, and has traveled around the world twice already!

My granny is the best inspiration of all, and so I decided that I wouldn't wait until retirement to finally do the things I've always wanted to. I spent a long evening on the beach, accompanied by a bottle of wine and the methodical crashing of waves, and came up with this list of things I want to do in my lifetime.... possibly in the next decade, even. Why wait? Life is too short and too precious to prioritize things that I don't really care to do over the things that actually matter.

1. Be creative, every day
My drawings and paintings are nothing to write home about, certainly, but I find that being engrossed in something creative is really a form of meditation. Furthermore, when my apartment is filled with my own artwork, the space feels a little more "homey" and individual. It doesn't matter that some of my friends ask if my nephew drew the pictures on my fridge!

2. Travel more
I don't care if it's a daytrip out into the desert or exploring the south side of Sacremento - I like opening my mind to new places and new experiences. Travel can be super cheap with last-minute flights or car shares, too. You can usually save on a package deal if you book a hotel with the flight.

3. More time with loved ones
There are so many ways to stay connected with loved ones these days that there's just no excuse for not dropping a line. For me, it's tantamount to stopping and smelling the roses (which I actually do each time I see a rosebush and can get to it). It takes maybe a minute to snap a picture and send it to my mom when I see something that reminds me of her. Keeping in touch doesn't always have to be lengthy emails and regular phone conversations - although those are nice, too.

4. A laugh a day
There are so many health benefits associated with laughing - not to mention that it just makes a person feel better and enjoy life more. It can be a TV sitcom or chatting with a funny friend or even trying one of those "laughing yoga" groups. The more often you laugh, the easier it will be to find reasons to laugh.


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Jessica Louise Tucker

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