When Is the Best Time to Prepare for Christmas?


Posted on: 29 November 2017 by Kaya Johnson

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” is probably the most popular phrase you hear every year around Christmas. And indeed it is the most wonderful period! Presents, jingle bells, snow, and all sorts of cookies being baked. Grinch is probably the only one who doesn’t like these things.

While some people are caught by this Christmas spirit right after Halloween passes, others don’t start the preparation process until the very last week before Christmas. But when is actually the best time to get ready for the big day?


Putting up the Christmas tree

There is no scientific research that can tell when the best day to put up the Christmas tree is. Most people start the preparation process a fortnight or so before this special day. If you’re Catholic, however, tradition is you wait until Christmas Eve to put up the tree. Others choose the 6th of December, on Saint Nicholas’ day, as the day to start decorating their house for Christmas.

Decorating the house and garden

The day you put up the Christmas tree doesn’t have to coincide with the day you start decorating your house and garden. You can start this a bit early if holiday spirit has already caught you. Not to mention that your kids will totally enjoy it.


Purchasing the right Christmas tree

You have two options when it comes to Christmas trees:

  • Natural trees

  • Artificial trees

Each of them comes with their own advantages and disadvantages. As far as artificial trees are concerned, they are obviously a more eco-friendly choice. Not to mention that you can also buy some small bottles of the essence to replicate the natural Christmas tree smell.

Nevertheless, these artificial Christmas trees are sometimes more expensive than real ones, which is why buying a natural Christmas tree comes as a handier option for some people. Worth mentioning is also that nowadays you can find natural Christmas trees in pots. You can water it and keep it for several years inside the house until the time comes to plant it in your back garden. And this seems to be a much better option.

To buy or not to buy online?

Most people prefer to see their Christmas trees before they buy them. They look up for the nearest farms and go there to pick the tree that fancies them the most. Some of them even ask the farmer for some tips and tricks to keep the Christmas tree alive for a longer period. However, it is generally agreed that it’s the era of speed. This means that many people don’t have much time to waste on the road to a farm, regardless how close it is to their home. Those are the people that prefer ordering Christmas trees online, whether the trees are artificial or natural. They take their time to analyze the photos available online and opt for the one they like.

Shop owners know there are two kinds of people: those who like to start preparing for Christmas early and those who wait until the last days. That’s why shops start introducing Christmas stuff early on and constantly refilling their stock until the very last day.

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