Where to invest in 2020 to be calm about your future


Posted on: 22 September 2020 by Alex Degtyarev

In the context of a permanent change of market conditions in the world capital and financial markets, every year investors meet new challenges

In the context of a permanent change of market conditions in the world capital and financial markets, every year investors meet new challenges and overcoming them only really standing characters remain afloat. Increasingly, capitalists are wondering where to invest money in order to preserve capital and increase their wealth.

Today, the prospects for the global economy are still very blurred. Experts point to significant growth potential and lack of overheating in most markets, which makes a global crisis or recession unlikely in the near term.

The era of stability in the global economy is slowly dwindling, so investments should be considered more carefully so as not to be left with nothing in the end. Everyone has heard more than once that the best investments are investments in oneself, namely, in education, career, skills, health. However, there are other equally important areas for investment, for example, passive sources of income.

Invest in bitcoin

Bitcoin became the first cryptocurrency in the world and still remains at the top of popularity among its own in this market. It was first created back in 2009, but then few people thought about the future of bitcoin, it was interesting mainly for young guys with great potential from the field of Internet technologies. However, only a few years have passed and cryptocurrency has become truly digital money, and even a medium of exchange. Throughout its existence, some have trusted Bitcoin with all their savings, while others do not take it seriously. Yes, at this stage of your development, you can buy goods and services for bitcoin, exchange cryptocurrency, purchase it in cryptomats.

Investing in bitcoin is interesting because it is based on the so-called "deflationary model", the emission of cryptocurrency is limited due to the original algorithm, it slows down over time, and it becomes more and more difficult to mine bitcoins. However, along with the growing popularity of cryptocurrency, platforms were created to convert digital money into real money. With the help of bestchange.com, you can always accurately and clearly understand what the price of your cryptocurrency is at this stage, whether it is worth selling or buying.

Bitcoin is not only the most popular, but also the most expensive cryptocurrency, its capitalization is more than half of the entire cryptocurrency market. Investment hype in 2017 led to the fact that they began to give about 20 thousand dollars for bitcoin. Some market analysts have argued that this rise is temporary. And so it happened, in 2018, the cryptocurrency industry faced a serious crisis, and the cost of bitcoin fell to 3.5 thousand dollars.

It would seem that the era of cryptocurrencies ends at the very initial stage of development. But it was not there, in 2019 the price of bitcoin slowly but surely began to rise, by the summer it approached the $ 8,000 mark, and this was not the limit.

The convenience of this investment lies in the fact that there are many different platforms that will help you quickly and accurately bitcoin converter into any currency you like and withdraw it to your personal account. Thus, you get real money from virtual money.

Conservative investments

The most transparent and popular among Europeans and not only a way to save and increase money is a bank deposit. As practice shows, you can earn a lot on a deposit. This is the most common with the benefit, since the likelihood of raising your money is rather small (if you trust your capital to well-established banks with a good reputation) and the process does not take much time and effort to launch this passive investment. An agreement is concluded with the bank, on the basis of which all deposited funds or any other capital are not only preserved, but also multiplied, according to the deposit rate.

With this type of investment, the investor has full confidence that after a specific period of time he will receive a certain amount of money and this is his guarantor of confidence in the future without leaps and risks. In addition, it is beneficial for both parties, since the bank investing this money is working to increase the total capital.

Residential Properties

Among ordinary people around the world, investment in residential real estate has long been considered the most reliable investment.

There are two main ways to generate income from residential property. The first one is to invest in an object in which it will be possible to live only in a few years, since the house is still "in the project", and when the house is put into operation - to resell the property (while you can earn about half the cost of the apartment).

The second way to make money on residential real estate is the rental business. The average payback period for an apartment that is rented is about 10 years, depending on the type of house and apartment that is being rented, location, retont and condition of the housing and many other factors.

 Both investment models are available to almost every investor do not lose their relevance in 2020. It would be also a great idea to combine these two demands and get profit in other, larger quantities.

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