Which Are The Best Locations to Get Married in Greece?


Posted on: 09 January 2014 by Andy Asher

The article lists down some of the most gorgeous and popular places to tie knots in Greece. You have decided to get married in the most romantic, unadulterated and ideal spot of the world – Greece. And over to it, you don’t have to travel anywhere for your honeymoon, since nothing can compare the tranquility and beauty of the country.

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Although you have decided the destination, you might not be sure, which is the right location. In order to do away your problem, we present to you a comprehensive list of wedding destinations in Greece. Read below to know more.

Santorini – Dubbed as the island of romance, Santorini is known for its mystic beauty, the legends, gorgeous sunsets and breathtaking deep blue sea etc. In fact these are the reasons why most couples around the world choose Santorini for their dream destination wedding. Villas and beaches are the two popular places to exchange marriage vows here.

Crete – The most beautiful and largest of the Greek islands, Crete offers wonderful landscapes and many spectacular venues to get married. You have ample choices here ranging from quaint fortress to appealing chapels, rural farm estates to vast-stretched beaches. All these options make Crete a lovely wedding hotspot.

Rhodes – Renowned for its stunning natural scenery, sun-kissed sand beaches, traditional Monasteries and tiny yet lovely villages, Rhodes usually comes on top list when someone thinks of weddings in Greece. Apart from the natural and man-made beauty, Rhodes is also famous due to its best year on year sunshine record. This makes the atmosphere pleasant, tranquil and relaxed.

Corfu – Most couples look forward to exchange marriage vows in the Corfu’s quaint town because of its lovely Venetian style historic center. If you are looking for old time beauty yet a unique spot, the Town Hall of Corfu is one of the finest choices. It is a beautiful 19th century building, originally the Venetian-designed San Giacomo Opera Theater, located in the heart of Corfu.

Hydra – It is the most harmonious place, where past unites with a future. Cobblestone streets, fishing boats, impressive architecture, natural environment, absence of trucks and excellent beauty, make Hydra the perfect wedding hotspot.

The above destinations spell magic and can add life to your marriage day. Plan a wonderful marriage in Greece and let your love blossom. You can research on the internet to know more about the place and accommodation options.

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