White Is The New Black


Posted on: 23 June 2016 by Darlene Connor

Of course I’m talking fashion, here. Have you noticed the white trend? Dresses, trousers, tops, shoes…everything this season is going WHITE! And what could be a better colour for summer? White is cool and also feminine. It matches everything, and looks great! So what what items should you add to your wardrobe this season, without becoming a total fashion slave?

So what what items should you add to your wardrobe this season, without becoming a total fashion slave?

Here are 5 Items in white to get you looking amazingly cool, and up-to-the-minute trendy!:

A dress. With the exception of being a bridesmaid, white dresses are perfect for any occasion this summer. Wear it to work, out for drinks with friends, dinner at the in-laws, traveling, being a tourist, or simply shopping in town. You’ll beat the heat with a loose dress, and you’ll look smart thanks to the brilliant colour white. Wear your white dress with a pair of brown leather sandals for a super cute look. Check out some of the dresses from Morgan and Vero Moda for inspiration!

Lace shorts. Call them the fad of the season, white lace shorts are one of those items you can only wear in summer. But they do look absolutely fabulous with a pastel or black top, and they have a demure way of looking flirty and girly. Lace adds a delicate, vintage touch to your look. This outfit is nice enough to wear to any occasion, yet casual enough to be worn on lazy days by the pool.

Denim shorts. White denim is the must-have denim of the season, and a pair of cut-off jean shorts is the ultimate item when it comes to white. Easily matched with any kind of top, this look is more versatile than you might think, thanks to the sophisticated, clean look of white. Worn with anything from sneakers to sandals to wedges, this item will be a good investment for many summers to come. Check out Levi’s or Diesel jeans new collections online!

A plain white t-shirt. This is a classic, unassuming look that may soon be overdone, as I’ve been seeing it on all the Hollywood stars and fashion lovers alike. Worn with a pair of jean shorts, a maxi dress, or even a pair of wide-legged trousers, the plain white tee is enjoying some long-deserved attention on the retail front. Pick up a couple and you’ll see how easily they fit into your weekly rotation this season!

Shoes. Not to be overlooked, many of your favourite designer shoe brands have added plenty of white versions of their shoes to their collections for Spring and Summer. White leather sandals, white canvas trainers, and even mules can be found. And, many of the most popular shoe models are now available with a white rubber sole. This recent trend adds a very clean, refined look to your shoes, giving a real finished look to your outfit. It’s a sure bet to look super trendy with a pair of white-soled shoes, or white sandals. I especially love the new collection from Dune shoes online, with a range of white and metallic flat sandals and wedges that are to die for!

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Darlene Connor

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Jennie Marquardt posted 09 July 2020

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