Who is surrogacy recommended for?


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RIF described pregnancy

Who are the candidates for surrogacy?

Assisted reproductive technology has progressed over the past years. Despite the introduction of enhanced protocols for improving ovarian stimulation and culture techniques for embryo development - it is estimated that the live birth rate cycle ranges from 29.9% to 43.7% only.

What is repeated Implantation Failure?

Repeated implantation failure or RIF described pregnancy failure after two to six times with at least ten attempts of high-grade embryo transfer to the uterus. A variety of causes are linked to RIF including:

  • genetics,

  • autoimmune,

  • anatomical,

  • thrombotic and

  • endocrine abnormalities.

There are the factors responsible for RIF that has an important implication for the success of treatment. But, for many couples, even a perfect cause cannot be ruled-out.

For successful implantation, it requires:

  • good embryo,

  • receptive endometrium,

  • and synchronisation between the embryo and endometrium.

Why Consider Surrogacy?

Regardless of the differences in opinions in views of different cultures, religions and governments, those afflicted are with:

  • repeated implantation failure,

  • recurrent miscarriages and

  • uterine anomalies, or

  • people in the same-sex union may view surrogacy as the only solution for them to build a family of their own.

In some cases, surrogacy is a good option to achieve pregnancy. This is true for patients having a history of Repeated Implantation Failure. Maternal age is an independent factor for the success of IVF. The failure of IVF can be due to the advanced age of the mother.

Age is a prognostic factor for the success of IVF in a patient with RIF and pregnancy rate is lower in women older than 39 years.

C:\Users\Aileen\Documents\cyprus\batch 2\treatment for repeated implantation failure chennai1818-03-23 10_03_09.pngIndications for Surrogacy

The following are the indications for surrogacy:

  • Congenital absence of uterus or primordial uterus

  • Male pseudohermaphroditism

  • Intrauterine adhesions

Adenomyosis is a medical condition characterised by the abnormal presence of endometrial tissue or the inner lining of the uterus within the myometrium or the muscular layer of the uterus.

  • Repeated Implantation Failure

  • Recurrent miscarriages

  • Other uterine anomalies

High Demand for Surrogacy

Couples who suffer from an incurable uterine disorder opt for surrogacy. Developing country like China, for example, is a home for 447 million women ages 16 to 60 years old. Approximately 2.7 million women have difficulty conceiving due to uterine factors.

Hence, more couples seek in vitro fertilisation.

Procreation is a basic right

It accepted that reproduction is a fundamental human right that should not be denied. For those who cannot conceive, surrogacy is a treatment option for people with a defective reproductive system.

But one cannot deny the fact, that surrogacy is not only a medical issue but a complex social problem related to ethics and law. In the surrogacy arrangements. The responsibilities and rights of surrogates and intended parents should be laid down beforehand.

Both parties should discuss the many issues of surrogacy such as:

  • injection procedures,

  • complications,

  • expenditures,

  • the risk of multiple births,

  • miscarriages,

  • the lifestyle of the surrogate mother if she smokes or drinks alcohol,

  • the involvement of the surrogate in the future life of the baby, caesarean section and so forth.

More so, psychological counselling should be provided in the entire process. In this condition, surrogacy procedure may be optimised for the service of those who want to have their child but unable to conceive despite aggressive medical therapy.

In a Nutshell

For concerns about surrogacy, you may contact DunyaIVF Fertility Clinic in Cyprus. It offers excellent service that ensures infertile couple a chance to build a family.

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Olman Grand posted 21 February 2020

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lianot lian posted 06 August 2020

Surrogacy can be beneficial for both surrogates and intended parents.


lianot lian posted 06 August 2020

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