Why do seniors need to be tech savvy?


Posted on: 29 January 2018 by Gregory Stewens

As we age, it gets harder to adopt new technologies. However, it is worth trying for seniors to become more tech savvy, since this way they can get possibilities to enjoy life.

Have you ever felt you do not belong to this world of technologies where it seems only young folks have the final say? If yes, it was not probably a pleasant experience. It is really hard to keep pace with changing reality, when you have less possibilities, your cognitive abilities decline and you are physically weaker than before in general. However, it is not a reason to accept everything we do not like.

Many people do that just because it seems to be inevitable. For instance, seniors may not even try to learn new things. It’s actually understandable. Reactions speed decreases with age, it is getting harder to do simple things like looking at the screen and moving fingers to type on a keyboard. But it is not the only reason elder people avoid adopting technology. They are often afraid of failure and do not have enough motivation. Younger people invest their time in learning, because they expect to benefit from it. Seniors do not aim to master new occupations in most cases, so they are not interested to spend their time on something they do not know how to take advantage of.   

Seniors become more interested in “the now” and seek emotional charge in communication with people that surround them. But they are not aware of benefits they could get from becoming more tech savvy.

You probably have less duties, and thanks to Internet you get a possibility to learn things you had no time for – and for free. People do not learn just to use their knowledge in the future, so you can enjoy the very process of learning. That is what can make you feel young.

Secondly, by simply searching information on the web, you help yourself to keep your mind sharp. UCLA neuroscientists have conducted a research in 2009 and got interesting results. After spending just a week performing Internet searches, older first-time computer users saw changed brain activity and improved neural functioning.

Web surfing is a good brain exercise itself, but you may go even further and find out how to maintain your computer, for instance, or learn how to use software to create art. With it, you can definitely earn your grandchildren’s respect.

You can also join social networks and reconnect with your friends and relatives, or even get acquainted with new people. It is not something only people who suffer from isolation need. There are many specialized websites and chat rooms designed for the elderly people who suffer from chronic health problems. It is very important and helpful to talk to people who experience the same.

Unfortunately, elderly people often cannot use technology due to inconveniences of use. However, it is something that may be changed very soon. Businesses realize that there are many potential clients they used to ignore, so they will try to make devices and websites more user-friendly and intuitive.

So there is no need to be technophobic just because of age and miss opportunities technology can provide. There are so many inspiring examples of the elderly people that returned to the university and mastered a new profession. They show that things that seem unachievable are not that difficult even if you are in your 90s. And learning how to use technology cannot be harder than that. 


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