Why everyone in later life should visit New York


Posted on: 03 August 2018 by Dennis Star

It's a common misconception that once you hit fifty you only want to go on short breaks in Scarborough. It's time to dispel the myths, hitting fifty is about living life to the full and what better way than to visit New York - the destination of a lifetime...

One of the most frustrating things about hitting the milestone of fifty is the common misconception that you no longer can handle international travel and that your summers are better spent in Bournemouth. There's nothing wrong with a staycation however, being in your fifties isn't about winding down, on the contrary it's about living life to the full.

Here's several reasons why New York should be at the top of your bucket list this year.

There's plenty to do and see
Whether you're already retired or plan on retiring soon, one of the most common complaints from retirees is boredom. Though not having to go through the nine till five grind may sound appealing, it can be difficult to fill up the time.

New York in particular is known for its fast pace and abundance of activities and sightseeing opportunities. From strolling through Central Park with an ice cream cone in hand to gazing in wonder at the Statue of Liberty there's no chance of struggling to fill the time.

In terms of senior activities, you don't need to have endless energy to soak up the vibrant culture of New York. Sail by on the Classic Harbor Line Cruise or stop and smell the roses at Brooklyn Botanic Garden. If you enjoy hunting down bargains in the markets then uncover some gems at the Sixth Avenue Antiques Market or grab a bargain on your fruit and vegetables at the Union Square Greenmarket.

New York has plenty of places to eat
A new study that pitches New York and London against each other looks at which city offers more bang for your buck. Compared with London, New York has a higher high-end restaurant rating, a better street food ratings, more bars and more Michelin stars. In fact, did you know that London has an astonishing 59.9k restaurants? 

Even better, should you decide to extend your stay in New York loneliness won't be an issue. An article by Politico reveals that New York is quickly becoming a global leader for senior living. More and more seniors are choosing to settle down in the vibrant city enjoying more than 251 places for older residents to gather and relax - there really is a community vibe that is absent in many other cities.

New York has cheaper costs
Though a flight to New York certainly won't be cheap, the everyday costs are surprisingly cheaper than other major cities such as London. For example, the average costs of two cinema tickets, average price of a fast food meal and the average cost of an ice cream are all more affordable in New York. Additionally, if you're on the hunt for souvenirs for your family, a pair of Levi jeans is much more affordable in New York than London!

Senior discounts are everywhere
Though you may not want to be asked your age (does anyone enjoy that?), a benefit is that there are lots of opportunities to use a senior discount in The Big Apple. The Wildlife Conservation Society Zoos and Parks, Historic Richmond Town, South Street Seaport and Wave Hill all offer senior discounts. 

If you don't want to announce your age but still want to enjoy discounts then consider a New York Pass, that offers free entry in more than 100 different attractions!

Though the city that never sleeps may seem intimidating, it is undoubtedly a stunning tourist destination that caters to over 50s. As the city that sets the trends for much of the western world, once you've tried the mixture of artisan food and the latest Broadway shows, there's a good chance you might never leave...

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