Why Investing In a New Home for Retirement Is a Good Investment


Posted on: 14 January 2014 by Laura Harrison

This article discusses some of the benefits of choosing to live in a new home for retirement.

Now that you’re retired, you might be contemplating different ways of how to spend your golden years in retirement. For many, this means moving out of the family home, perhaps downsizing and settling down in a different part of the country. However, before you rush into any decisions and make the move, it is important to consider what type of house you would like to live in. An old cottage might have always seemed appealing to you, but in reality many people often discover that actually they are not a worthwhile investment, and require a lot of maintenance and extra work doing to them. So, if you haven’t pictured your retirement as a part time handy person and interior decorator then perhaps it might be worth considering retiring in a new build home and here are a few more reasons why…

Energy Efficient

New homes are built with the idea of ‘green living’ in mind. They are well insulated with, for example, double/triple glazing and loft and wall insulation. As a result less energy is lost, keeping your home warmer for longer and being kind to both the environment and your wallet – especially as energy prices are continually on the increase.

Have a say in the décor

If you decide on a home that is yet to be built, many housing companies will actually allow you to have an input in the décor of the house. For example, you might want to choose the type of flooring you would prefer in your kitchen, to save you the time and expense of changing it when you move into your new home. You can essentially personalise your own home, so, if you’ve always wanted that underfloor heating, then it can be done at the same time that the house is built.  

New Homes are available in popular retirement destinations

Choosing to live in a new home doesn’t have to mean compromising on the location. You’ll be surprised at how many new homes there are around the UK, and in popular retirement destinations. For example, there are many new homes in Norfolk, which was voted to be the third top retirement destination by The Telegraph.

Require very little or no maintenance

As everything has been newly built, your house will require very little maintenance over your retirement years and therefore you won’t find yourself having to spend a fortune on housing renovations. Furthermore, new houses have the added bonus that they usually come with a NHBC warranty which will cover you from any damage for the first 10 years.


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