Why it's important for us to have personal relationship


Posted on: 11 March 2016 by coleman Janifer

You can never live alone without a life partner. There needs to be someone you can share your joys, your sorrows. There needs to be someone who does everything that it takes to make you happy. There needs to be some one you can do anything to stay with. Being in a good relationship makes you feel the real taste of life. The following article is all about the importance of being in a relationship.

This is quite funny that a person who means no one to us at some stage of life suddenly becomes everything. When I look around, I find many successful relationships, like my parents and my grandparents. People can spend their whole life together only if they have the urge to do so. Giving up on a relationship is easier than spending by your partner in ups and downs of life and facing them together. These couples have a very good impression on me. And this was the thing that gave me strength to fall in love and spend my life with someone till the last breathe.

There are a couple of reasons for why we need relationship in our lives, let’s explore a few:

  • Life of every individual has become freakishly exhausting and busy. We are running for bread and butter, starting from the morning and stops at night. The halt is only physically but our mind is never free of stress and tension. A relationship gives you something to look forward. You wait till you can get done with routine work so that you can go to your partner and relax. Your partner gives you the reason to look forward toward something in a day.
  • If you don’t have anyone in your life with which you can share thoughts, smiles, love quotes and all, you will start feeling lonely. That is why a relationship is very important for emotional and mental stability. You cannot spend your life alone or depending upon your friends. After some time you hit the stage of life where you want to talk your heart out, hold someone’s hand to comfort you, make love in order to feel fulfilled and this is when you crave for a partner.
  • We have many relations in our life but we cannot share I love you quotes with everyone. You can bond with your parents, siblings, friends, etc. but you cannot depend on them for lifetime. Its only your partner who will live with you and for you. Its only that one person who will look after you and on whom you can depend for all your life’s needs. That is why in our life, we badly need to be in a relationship.
  • In your lifetime, you have a lot of empty hours in your hand. What do you think you can fill those hours with? By watching TV, eating a pizza, having latte, gossiping with your friends? No! No-one can use a lifetime on these redundant tasks. The presence of someone special in your life means everything in this world. Having to hold someone’s hand, being able to kiss them, being able to show your love to them, reading books together, getting lazy and sometimes wasted together, planning and implementing those plans together are all the things that you get to do only with your partner.

Life cannot be imagined without the special one. So make sure you have them in your life in order to make it complete and pleasant.


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