Why Mumbai is a city that never sleeps


Posted on: 10 June 2016 by chris chris

The BandraWorli Sea Link is the perfect place for that late-night long drive.

‘A city that never sleeps’, a title that the city of Mumbai has adorned over the decades. Be it any time of the night you will see the streets radiant with lights and teeming with people. The city is fraught with nightclubs, pubs and coffeehouses which stay open till late at night. But when we say nightlife, it just doesn’t mean the plethora of bars and clubs. Mumbai also has some iconic spots which are donned by a swarm of people every night.

Marine Drive is one of the most famous night-out places, where people, especially youngsters can be spotted at any time of the day. Sitting on the promenade with the waves crashing under your feet is a different feeling all together. You can also find local vendors selling delicious local food there at night be it Bhel or Chana JolGaram. With some of the most famous Mumbai colleges in its vicinity it is every college student’s favourite go-to spot. Quite close to that lies Nariman Point, another quintessential Mumbai spot. This place not only has a variety of posh hotels, pubs and bars but also offers a breath-taking view of the Arabian Sea. You can enjoy a relishing morning tea here after your night-out is over.

The iconic Juhu Beach is another spot where people love going in the night. The open sky, the vast sea, all of this makes for a nice peaceful destination. Right from couples to entire families and also some lost-in-deep-thought individuals can be seen here at night. The eating options are plenty and it is a task to decide what to eat. There are a number of PavBhaji, Gola and Chaat shops serving delicious food. This is a place worth visiting.

The BandraWorli Sea Link is the perfect place for that late-night long drive. It is always a pleasure to drive through it and you can never get bored of the view. You can’t deny, every time that you drive through it, you feel proud to be a Mumbaikar. You can also get a stellar view of the Sea Link from Bandra Band Stand. That is another popular night-out spot for youngsters. Sitting on the rocks with water splashing on you literally is a magical feeling.

Apart from these iconic spots you also have a lot of bars and clubs like Aer, Bonobo, Tryst, Royalty, Trilogy and others for all you party animals. These hip and happening clubs are the perfect place to hang out with your friends. You can always find people grooving to eclectic music and having a ball of a time here.There is a good chance of you bumping into some celebrity at these clubs. To get the true feel of Mumbai, you should visit the English style pubs like Café Leopold and Café Mondegar, frequented by both Indians as well as foreigners.

So you now you know where to go when you finally get that precious night-out permission from your parents!

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