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Posted on: 22 February 2016 by Jenn Steward

With rising education costs in various countries, many students are opting to study abroad. Ukraine has become a favourite amongst many students from all over the world due to various reasons.

With rising education costs in various countries, many students are opting to study abroad. Ukraine has become a favorite amongst many students from all over the world due to various reasons. Low tuition fees, low living costs and good faculty and a degree from a certified government accredited college are the attractions that draw students from all over. Out of all programs, medical studies have had the most number of applications. Let us find out the reasons why.

The demand for medical students internationally has grown exponentially and genuine medical colleges with a good reputation cannot accommodate the demand. Young aspiring doctors, therefore, look to other countries for their education. According to the student survey that was held by www.hwsolvers.com, studying in the Ukrainian universities has become very popular with prospective students from Africa (Tunisia, Guinea, Congo, Nigeria and Somalia), Asia (India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan) and the Middle East for quite some time.

Most medical universities in Ukraine provide degrees after a 4 - 6-year course that is recognized internationally – in Asia, Africa and by WHO (World Health Organization.) Due to exposure to European medical systems, doctors from Ukrainian Universities are preferred over doctors with local degrees, especially in countries that are still developing.

The various attractions of studying in Ukraine are the following:

  • Simple application process: In other countries, there is a lengthy application process where there are long queues, lots of paperwork, high cut off admission rates which make it impossible for the majority of the student population to enter into and at times, a so-called hefty donation apart from the normal fees. Ukraine has a student-friendly atmosphere and, therefore, has simple application procedures for admissions into medical universities.

  • Studying in English: The biggest hurdle international student’s face is the language barrier. A lot of other countries in Europe have their classes taught in the native language. For e.g., classes in Russia are taught in Russian, Germany has classes in German. For a student just out of school, and traveling to a different country to learn how to be a doctor, this could be a big problem. Medical Programs have complicated procedures and if it is not communicated or taught in a language that the student understands, a lot could be lost in translation. As it takes time for the student to pick up the language, they could lose out on valuable teaching/learning time. Ukraine has courses taught in English, Ukraine, Russian and French which gives a wider option for students to choose from.

  • Low Tuition Fees: As compared to many countries all over the world, Ukraine has very low living costs and tuition fees. For example, tuition fees for a medical degree in the United States would easily start as low as $15,000 per year. In the Ukraine, you could get the same degree for $3,000 a year. This is a huge saving especially for international students where a lot of their funds are also lost due to the currency exchange. This put their families under less stress while the students get their degrees from internationally recognized medical colleges. Not only are the tuition fees low, but the living costs also are on the lower end of the spectrum. Living fees like rent, food etc all add up to huge chunks, but fortunately, Ukraine is student friendly and this is not a big problem for international students.

  • Good Quality of Medical Education: Ukraine is well known for the quality of education it offers and has a good reputation worldwide for its excellence in teaching and research. It is constantly ranked amongst the top universities in the world due to these reasons. As all Ukraine universities are government universities, they come under the Ministry of science and Education. This means that stringent care and attention is granted to education in Ukraine assuring students that they will be receiving the best education possible. Also, all Medical universities in Ukraine are listed in WHO’s directory (World Health Organization.) This ensures that graduate doctors can attend national eligibility tests like SCHS, MCC, PLAB, MCI, USMLE etc.

  • Multicultural Environment: With students attending classes from all over the world, the aspiring doctors are exposed to different cultures and this helps them decide where they would want to settle down after receiving their degree. Many countries have a shortage of doctors, and once you clear their required tests, you will be free to work in the country of your choice. Also, Ukrainian students can enrich their lives by taking part in the various cultural activities that take place in the Universities, giving them a great opportunity to make contacts from all over the globe that could be beneficial to their fledgling careers later in life.

The above points are the main reasons on why Ukraine has grown in popularity with students from all over the globe. In addition, easily available student loans and a student-friendly atmosphere add to the appeal of a Ukrainian Medical education.

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