Why Travel Isn’t Just For Your Twenties


Posted on: 20 October 2015 by Sarah Mello

You have been working hard all of your life, paying into your pension, and you have finally reached that beautiful age of retirement. You begin to think to yourself "now what?" to which our answer is, "anything you want!" because your fun and fulfilling life has just begun! And one of the things that we think you can do even better now than you did in your 20’s is to travel.

The Money Factor

One of the major advantages that you have in your post-career life is money. Let’s face it, in your 20’s you were living pay cheque to pay cheque, which meant that you were probably living on £5 a day for food and hopping from hostel to hostel while you travelled. Now, however, you can afford a life of leisure. You can stay at hotels and resorts over hostels, or even better yet, rent a house or apartment abroad. You can take inter-country flights instead of the bus or train and you can eat in nice restaurants instead of eating street food (unless you want to of course). Simply put, you can travel in style in your retirement.

The Time Factor

In 2015, technology has given us a lot more time and freedom. Bills can be paid online and there are even apps that can take care of your laundry and make chores easier. You don’t have a job that you have to rush back to, or the hassle of having to work while you travel just to keep your head above water. You have all of the time in the world to do and see whatever meets your fancy. No time constraints equals no compromises, which adds up to a better travel experience. Because you can afford to slow it down and really take it all in, you will actually get to see and experience more things than when you were speeding from sight to sight and country to country when you were younger. You have the luxury of taking your time and doing it right, so do it!

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Sarah Mello

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