Why You Should Start Strength Training Today


Posted on: 22 April 2016 by lancier lancier

Studies have shown that resistance training can help you fight the blues.

If you are doing everything right, sticking to healthy meals, exercising regularly and yet, you are not getting the results you were hoping to – there could be something missing. Yes, that something is strength training.

Strength training is not only for people obsessed with the gym and celebrity wannabes. Weight training is very beneficial for everyone in many ways. Here are some of the top reasons how lifting weights is ideal for a good quality workout.

Increased Metabolic Rate

After a few sessions using dumbbells and weight training, both men and women will notice a slight increase in their overall resting metabolic rate. It does rev up your metabolism. Along with the right diet plan, lifting weights routinely will help you lose weight faster and more effectively than with cardio alone.

Muscle Building

We are not talking about building a buff body. Generally women do not opt for weight training as they fear that it will make them appear more masculine. This is just a myth. It helps you build strength and as you get older, strength training helps fight the natural decline in bone density and muscle.

Injury Prevention

Strength training is very important for preventing injury. It makes your muscles stronger and studies have shown that resistance training can help make ligaments and tendons stronger. This means that you are less prone to wear and tears caused by everyday activities.

Increased Flexibility

Research has shown that in time, resistance training helps increase flexibility. Even moderate weight training has shown in a gradual increase in flexibility in sedentary women.

Stronger Bones

Drinking milk may not be the only way to get stronger bones. Weight training may just be the ideal thing to do to toughen up bone strength and lower the risk of fractures.

Increase in Overall Power

Have you always wanted to run faster or jump higher but find yourself lacking the power? An extra dose of weights may help the fast twitch muscles to work. These are the muscle fibers that help in generating power and increasing your speed.

Faster Results

Weight training offers speedy results. Doing weight training just 2 to 3 times a week can increase your muscle tone and you can even begin to see muscles shape up. Even lifting light weights is effective in building muscle.

No Gym Needed

You can get strong anywhere. Weight training doesn’t necessarily have to be in a gym. There are many ways to do strength training at home with few or no equipment. You can check our videos and talk to professionals on Fitness19 to get more information on how to strength train at home.

Higher Productivity

Working out has shown to increase your productivity and help you stay focused throughout the day. Even a half an hour walk is enough to improve your mood and reduce stress. Exercise also improves blood circulation and helps you remain fresh during your work hours.

Boosting up your Mood

Studies have shown that resistance training can help you fight the blues. It helps the release of feel good endorphins that helps keep anxiety and stress at bay and even helps to fight depression.

For more information on strength training and diet regimes to follow during the workout, follow our professionals on Fitness19 and help yourself get the body you desire.

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