World Leaders Today Not Like ResterYears


Posted on: 21 April 2012 by Keith Goodall

The world leaders today not of the calibre of the leaders in the early nineties, What has lead to some world leaders being less than the order of office, what kind of character are they today compared to yesteryear,

I am very concerned not only in the leadership of the UK government but also of the G8 countries as well. What kind of calibre of people are elected to govern and lead countries and people. Our standards worlwide have become poor and no one seems to care what is happening profit before poeple, our planet and planets beyond will are going to continue to suffer unless we act now technology caused the environmental problems of today and it looks like that technology will save that is if it is done in the hands of the right leaders and people.

An Observation

By Keith Goodall.

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Perry Tui posted 16 May 2012

I agree, Keith. David Cameron is an MP, not a prime minister and certainly not a statesman - this he demonstrated when he was effectively benched by the Merkozy alliance at last years euro summit.

Angela Merkel is the only among our european partners in whom I have any faith. Nicolas Sarkozy was a poor man's Tony Blair, all veneer but no body. And his successor? Hollande could be as dangerous for the eurozone nations economies than the Greek and Portuguese debt combined.


Lord Nelson posted 21 May 2012

Nail, hit and head, Keith. I think we are the people who should determine the future of the country - I believe we have a massive part to play in getting the country back on its feet.
Confidence is a state of mind and the UK seems to have lost this.
We came through much tougher austerity in the period after the war through the 1950s, so why should we all be crying doom and gloom. If everybody took personal responsibility more, then we'd be in a far better place and far less reliant on bottom-of-the-barrel politicians.


Pankaj Pchauhan posted 26 November 2019

G8 Should take responsibilities of standards worlwide have become poor and no one seems to care what is happening profit before.

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