You can use your empty space to resell and make extra retire money


Posted on: 28 July 2018 by Catalin Constantin

Nowadays old peoples are struggling to have a remaining easy life. You can use your empty house to rent it as a storage place for other people who need it.

As the craving for new things grow and as it becomes easy to shop online, it is also becoming clear to most people that there are some things they just can't part ways with. That favourite baseball bat from early childhood, the clothes and personal items of a deceased partner or child, that carpet you played on as a baby and just don't want to sell off.

 There are so many other reasons you just may not want to throw away or sell off some particular property. All this because, the craving for newer things is inversely proportional to our available storage space. Balancing the need for new things in the home and keeping fond memories attached to older property can be delicate. This can be sorted by making a short trip to a storage facility of quality like storage units Plano which will take your mind off such worries.

Going about getting a self–storage unit.

With your budget in mind and what you desire to keep in the storage unit already known, you can do a thorough research on the available facilities. Take some time off and pay a visit to the proposed facility, talk with the manager, look around, ask questions and get to see what the contract will look like and if you are in any doubt, move to your next choice. Once you meet a facility that meets your needs and is clean, offers good security and is affordable, sign your contract which is usually done in a month-to-month basis.

How to ensure your belongings are safe.

Most facilities offer special keys to each client. Make sure your facility has surveillance cameras or some other form of surveillance. You can buy a disc-style lock for your unit. These locks are very difficult to break and burglars would not want to waste time on one lock. If there are any personal access keys, that is even much better.

Check to see if your facility is in a secure location or has a well-secured perimeter. Also, are the aisles and hallways well lit. If possible, have a storage unit closer to the manager's office. Such units have the least incidences of burglaries.

How to be ready should a burglary happen.?

When you first come into the facility, make sure you keep a copy of the inventory which will be useful to identify what is missing. Also, take photos of what you have in your unit including serial numbers if possible. In case the police needs any of those, you won't be found wanting.

Give yourself a treat.

For a small fee, you can have for yourself a standard and very well secured storage unit. No need to be forced into uncomfortable corners when you have an opportunity to store your extra property in style. Do not settle for substandard facilities, go for the best, something as good as storage units Plano and give yourself a treat.


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