Amateur Gardening Yearbook, 2014 - Review

Posted on: 02 October 2013 by Judi martin

Essential month by month tips and advice to help gardeners keep their green space in tip top condition

Amateur Gardening Yearbook The Amateur Gardening magazine Yearbook is an attractive, compact handbook every gardener will want to get their green fingers on.

Like the UK's best selling weekly gardening magazine, it is packed full of useful tips and advice to help gardeners keep on top of the regular tasks required to make the most of their own cherished green space all year round.

As well as the useful diary sections, the seasonal checklists and step-by-step guides would be ideal for the first-time gardener - expert advice without overwhelming them - yet all the information would be just as useful to the experienced gardener too.

The stunning pictures of all the gorgeous plants, flowers and fruits will certainly inspire all who pick up this delightful book to get out there working on their own precious plot of land.

Published by Pedigree Books, Priced £9.99

ISBN – 978-1-90815-213-8 

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